Promotional Product Ideas for Kids & Students

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Whether you're involved in primary, secondary or tertiary education it's important to know what affordable merchandise solutions are available for fund raising campaigns, student gifts, and daily study use. Schools, colleges, universities and educational departments will love some of these product suggestions, each appropriate for different key events during the school year. Got a question or after a free quotation? Simply contact our friendly sales team and we'll be happy to lend a hand.

Promotional toy for kids

Achieving Goals With Promotional Gifts for Kids

Promotional products are a brilliant way to create brand awareness and engage with your target audience. When it comes to children and students, the approach needs to be tailored to ensure maximum impact. In this article, we will explore top tips for using promotional toys and other useful swag aimed at Aussie kids and students, ensuring you leave a lasting impression on young minds.

Choose age-appropriate items

It's essential to select promotional products that are suitable for the age group you're targeting. For younger children, consider toys or stationery items like colouring books, crayons, or pencil cases. For students, focus on practical items such as branded USB sticks, notebooks, or eco-friendly water bottles.

Prioritise safety

When targeting young audiences, safety should always be your top concern. Ensure the promotional products you choose are made from non-toxic materials, comply with British safety standards, and don't pose choking hazards for young children. Encourage learning and creativity: Select promotional items that foster creativity, learning, and skill development. Educational games, puzzles, and activity books are excellent choices for children, while academic planners, study guides, or bookmarks are perfect for students.

Make it appealing

Capturing the attention of kids and students is critical for success. Choose promotional items with bright colours, fun designs, and popular themes, such as cartoons or superheroes. Customise your products with your brand logo and colours, ensuring they stand out in the crowd.

Go for eco-friendly options

Younger generations are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Opt for eco-friendly promotional products, such as reusable bags, recycled notebooks, or biodegradable pens, to showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability.

Provide added value

Offer items that have a lasting use or can be collected, like stickers, badges, or collectable cards. These create a sense of excitement and encourage children or students to engage with your brand over time.

Collaborate with schools and educational institutions

If you're a business then partnering with local schools, colleges, or educational organisations for events or community projects allows you to reach a wider audience and demonstrates your brand's commitment to supporting education. Offer sponsored prizes for competitions, donate branded supplies, or host workshops to further engage with your target audience.

Successfully offering kids and students promotional products requires a thoughtful approach. Keep safety, age-appropriateness, and appeal at the forefront of your decisions, and don't shy away from partnering with educational institutions to maximise your brand's reach.

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