Why Dealing with an APPA Member Should Be Your First Choice

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The Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) is the only officially recognised trade body in the Promotional Trade industry. APPA members receive the ultimate coverage and protection which brings assurance when dealing and trading. It goes without saying that dealing with a company that is a registered APPA member for your promotional products comes with benefits that only serve to sweeten the deal.

Why Choose an APPA Member as Your Supplier

Opting for a promotional products provider affiliated with the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) presents clients with a multitude of advantages. Engaging with an APPA-associated supplier assures clients of superior service, professionalism, and merchandise quality. These APPA members commit to a rigorous code of conduct and ethical guidelines, making certain their business operations are honest and dependable. This offers clients the confidence that they are partnering with a supplier who prioritises integrity and consistency in all aspects of their work.

Furthermore, APPA members benefit from specialised industry knowledge and the most recent promotional product trends. Consequently, clients receive professional advice and customised solutions that perfectly align with their promotional objectives. These suppliers can recommend creative promotional goods that not only leave a memorable impact but also effectively convey the client's branding message whether they're after something as simple as promotional bags or something as complex as unique as  original mascot plush toys.

Working with an APPA-affiliated supplier also guarantees quality control. These providers adhere to strict protocols regarding product safety and compliance, reducing the likelihood of defective or hazardous items reaching clients and their intended audience. Clients can rest assured that their promotional products will be manufactured with the highest level of precision and care.

Finally, APPA membership promotes a sense of unity among professionals within the industry. By selecting an APPA member, clients support the growth and advancement of the promotional products field in Australia. This cooperation results in a stronger and more prosperous sector, benefiting clients, suppliers, and the broader economy. In conclusion, choosing an APPA member ensures exceptional professionalism, industry expertise, quality control, and ethical business practices. Clients can place their trust in these suppliers to produce outstanding promotional items that elevate their brand's image and fulfill their marketing objectives.

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The Benefits of Dealing with an APPA Member

Some of the benefits of dealing with APPA members include;

  1. Uniform security -- APPA members (such as Cubic Promote) adhere to ethics which relate to:
  • Promotional products that are sweatshop free in production
  • Honest, ethical and transparent communication with you as the customer
  1. Reliability in knowing that the APPA member has been in business for years and is not a ‘fly by night’ company
  2. Genuine product and industry knowledge so you can be sure to receive solid, creative recommendations and practical advice on what is achievable.

Did you know, approximately 90% of complaints that are adjudicated by APPA come from companies that are not members of the organisation? When dealing with APPA registered companies, you know for sure that there is no risk of dealing with unscrupulous characters.

Once you have decided to go ahead and purchase your promotional merchandise via an APPA member, you will get more benefits and assurances that include the following;

  1. A proper channel for disputes, should they arise. APPA works to mediate and come up with a resolution within fair boundaries
  2. Reliability in knowing that an APPA member will strive to deliver your product on time and in good condition as an APPA member has far too much at stake to risk by supplying an inferior product.

To ensure the organisation continues to develop and improve, APPA members constantly undergo training and further educational programs. In addition to value for money, APPA members offer the most affordable prices, reliability, high quality, safety and assurance. The next time you set out to buy your promotional products, confirm that your supplier is a member of APPA for added confidence.

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Yoshe is a Cubic Promote’s content manager and she has worked with promotional products for almost a decade. Yoshe is full of great product ideas, she knows what's new on the market and how to use promotional products to boost your brand visibility. Visit her on LinkedIn.

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