Promotional Umbrellas for Trade Show Success

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It's a rainy day in Melbourne, and you're making your way to the annual trade show. You're surrounded by hundreds of booths promoting all sorts of products, but something catches your eye. A sea of colourful branded umbrellas floats above one particular booth like an oasis in the rain - that's when you know they've got something special. That feeling is what every business wants to create at a trade show - to stand out from their competitors and attract potential customers. In this article, we'll explore how promotional umbrellas can be used as a game-changer for your trade show success.

1. Promotional umbrellas differentiate businesses at trade shows.
2. Umbrellas can create lasting impressions on potential customers.
3. Branded umbrellas serve as practical souvenirs beyond the event.

 Promotional Umbrellas for Trade Show Success

Be Bold: How to Stand Out

Boldness speaks volumes at any event, especially at crowded trade shows where attendees have only seconds to decide which booths are worth approaching. Here are some tips on how to make sure your promotional umbrella stands out in the crowd:

  • Go big or go home! Larger umbrellas make bigger impressions.
  • Add vibrant colours and patterns that reflect your branding.
  • Create a unique design or shape that makes them look twice.

Weather Any Storm

One thing Aussies know all too well about is unpredictable weather patterns. And if there's one thing everyone hates more than getting wet during their commute, it's going through a trade show with soggy shoes and drenched clothes – not exactly an ideal situation for networking or making connections with potential customers! With promotional umbrellas, however, businesses can kill two birds with one stone by giving away practical items while keeping themselves top-of-mind throughout the year.

Make Them Laugh

Aussies have an irreverent sense of humour, and trade shows are no exception! Promotional umbrellas can be used as a tool to make attendees smile or giggle while still reinforcing your company communication goals. For example:

  • Add witty slogans like 'rain or shine, we've got you covered!'
  • Create punny wordplays incorporating your brand or product names.
  • Use a funny umbrella shape that matches what you're promoting (think wine bottle for wineries).

Wildcatz Indoor Sports Success Story

There's nothing like a lucky draw to generate excitement at a trade show event! Want an example of what we mean? Let us tell you about one of our successful case studies — Wildcatz Indoor Sports — who were looking for unconventional yet memorable promotional items as giveaways to help generate leads at their booth.

The Wildcatz team chose to chuck in some brollies with their branding colours and logo printed on them. This move helped everyone notice them through the chaos of the indoor sports complex - their umbrellas made people do a double take as it was an unexpected sight!

To add the cherry on top of this ripper idea, Wildcatz urged potential customers to chuck in their details for a lucky draw. This gave them a chance to score one of those crook-looking branded gemstoned parasols Cubic Promote cooked up especially for the gathering. It was bloody obvious that everybody who passed through wanted in on it and used it as an ace move to bring up jokes about the shifty weather forecast when striking conversations with 'em.


Overall, promotional umbrellas are practical items that businesses can give away for free at events like trade shows. However, they offer more than just shelter from the rain - they bring personable connections with potential customers and stand out in crowded markets. By being bold with design choices, weather-ready when it counts, appealing to all ages through customization and bringing laughs whenever possible – using promotional umbrellas brings creativity to marketing strategies while creating lasting impressions on those who matter most!


Author Profile: Wendy Li

Wendy Li

Wendy is the general manager of Cubic Promote and has 14 years of experience in the promotional product industry. Wendy is an expert on the successful execution of marketing merchandise strategies and individual products to suit a broad range of recipients. Visit her on LinkedIn or drop her a line via

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