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  1. Promotional Appeal of Custom Aprons

    Imagine walking into a bustling hardware store, with staff members rushing to and fro to assist customers with their needs. In the midst of this chaos, there's one thing that all the staff have in common – promotional aprons adorned with the company logo. These functional garments not only protect clothing from spills and stains but also serve as brilliant promotional tools for businesses across Australia.

    1. Custom aprons are versatile promotional tools.
    2. They offer durability, convenience and uniformity.
    3. Apron branding helps increase brand awareness.



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  2. Hottest Trending Promotional Products

    The hottest promotional products right now are without a doubt anything that is related or remotely related to smart devices. Anything that can be used with a smartphone, a tablet, and even phablets. By the way, yes, phablet is a real word. You guessed it too: PHONE + TABLET = PHABLET. A Phablet is essentially an oversized smartphone which is a touch smaller than a tablet but still big enough to do and see things on that you cannot otherwise do with a smaller screen. So, here’s our fearless forecast and we will also suggest how to choose the right promotional product for your business as a bonus!

    1. Smart device-related promo products are popular.
    2. Microfiber cloths and styluses are in demand.
    3. Quality, usefulness, and brand are important.


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  3. Crew Member Corporate Team Wear

    Hands up if anyone has ever been to a tradeshow?  Im guessing it is everyone.  Okay now hands up if you have ever been to a tradeshow and you found it difficult to identify between the booth crew members and tradeshow visitors?

    If my experience is anything to draw from there are many companies that make the mistake of not identifying themselves.  When visitors come to your tradeshow booth and cannot find a team member when they want to make a genuine enquiry it is more than an inconvenience for them but it is an opportunity lost for you.  Tradeshows are costly and costs on average $10,000 if not more depending on how elaborate you want to be. This is why focusing a bit more attention on your crew uniform can really make a difference.

    In many instances most companies have a basic branded polo shirt for their team members.  These would normally be standard colours with your branding on them.  I can tell you

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  4. Television Show Custom Merchandise

    Television shows attract legions of fans.  In fact for certain shows fans are to the point of fanatical.  In America if you were the fan of a certain Television show the amount of engagement options you have with the show are huge.  For example if you were a fan of the series Sex and the City then you have your choice of:

    -  Online Web Content
    -  Social Media
    -  DVD and CD's
    -  Online Streaming (not to mention reruns of the show)
    -  Magazines

    & of course Merchandise.  From their website I saw products like:
    -  T shirts
    -  Clothing for Pets (specifically small fluffy dogs)
    -  Body Care items like - Printed shampoo sets, customised body lotions, conditioners, soaps and more
    -  Books

    and more!  Now if your a fan of some even more established shows then the amount of merchandise options is absolutely staggering.  Television shows like Star Trek and American

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  5. Porcelain Mugs Vs Ceramic Mugs

    As a promotional products company, we know the importance of choosing the right mug to represent your brand. In this article, we will explore the differences between porcelain and ceramic mugs, so you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect mug for your promotional needs.

    1. Ceramic mugs are cost-effective.
    2. Porcelain mugs offer premium quality.
    3. Eco-friendly options are available.

    Ceramic Mugs

    Promotional ceramic mugs are the most popular type of mug due to their affordability and availability. Here are some things to consider when choosing ceramic mugs for your promotional

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  6. How To Save Thumbdrives From Coffee & Other Spills

    The huge capacity of thumbdrives has meant that more than just a device to shuffle files between computers and locations. In many instances it is the primary storage device for a lot of important things from work documents to family photos. (I read somewhere that someone has developed a huge 1 terrabyte thumbdrive. For those who are not technically inclined a terrabyte is over 1million megabyes. Or to put in in perspective take an average word document of several pages of text is 1megabyte. A terrabyte therefore allows you to save 1 million different word documents)

    Myself personally my thumbdrive is as important as my house set of keys. It goes everywhere with me. Unlike a set of house keys though a thumbdrive does not do well in the rain and it definitely does not do well when tea or coffee is spilt onto the device. Here are some do's and don'ts on how to save a thumbdrive.

    What Not To Do When

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