Monthly Archives: October 2014

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  1. Incredible Melbourne Cup Memorabilia

    Did you know that the race that stops the nation has been running since 1861? Understandably over the years there have been some incredible one-of-a-kind pieces of merchandise produced to commemorate race wins and celebrate all that is the Melbourne Cup. Now auction house Mossgreen is putting an interesting assortment of unique memorabilia under the hammer.

    Custom Trophies, Gift Items and More!

    Fans of racing history clamor for products featuring the

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  2. Delightful Custom Keyrings

    Key rings are one of those products that most people deem boring! After all who actually goes shopping for a key ring? Well hopefully this blog post will get you at least a little bit excited about key rings after you see these delightful custom made key rings. We'll also discuss its benefit as a promotional giveaway and we'll provide you tips on how to customise keyrings.


    1. Customise keyrings for memorable promotions.
    2. Design keyrings to reflect brand identity.
    3. Use keyrings as event giveaways.


    Some Fun Key Ring Designs

    Much like flash drive memory keys, the amount of key ring designs out there are staggering. Here I have picked up some of the most awesome ones that I have seen around

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  3. New Glowing Products For Year End Parties

    October is the absolute best. I love October, because this is the time where businesses and organizations start organizing year end parties & I love being involved in parties. To help you celebrate we are releasing this month a whole heap of new products. Not just any product though, but items that will (in the words of Pink) "Help you get your party started." Check out our promotional neon glow toys below.


    1. Customise glowing items for personalised experiences.
    2. Strategically distribute items for maximum impact.
    3. Add visual flair to entrances and dance floors.

    Glowing Promotional Items

    Neon Glow Sticks

    Not simply for rave parties, but for any corporate night time event or party. We have a whole range of cool light up products that look amazing. Purchase them

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  4. Amazingly Creative Business Cards

    The most common piece of corporate branding done by all organizations and businesses has to be the humble business cards. For some companies a business card is merely a slip of card that has your name printed in a rectangle piece of cardboard with a logo on it. For many other businesses though, a business card is a statement piece, where a lot of care and attention to detail has been used to make a corporate branding statement to recipients. Here are some of the best efforts that we have ever come across.

    (Lego Business Card figures. Yes, the name on the shirt is the name of the card owner)

    Awesome Business Cards Examples

    These examples of business card designs are quite special indeed. They blow the traditional

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  5. Funniest Product Labeling Mistakes

    I love seeing new products everyday in the course of my job. What I love seeing even more, is when people and businesses make huge mistakes in labeling their promotional items or when they are packaging their products. Here are some of the funniest boo boo's that I have come across this year.

    • Mistakes in branding and packaging can lead to hilarious but damaging results.
    • Accuracy, quality, compliance, and consistency are essential aspects of labeling to maintain a professional image.
    • Taking the time to verify all aspects of your labels helps protect your brand's reputation and prevents costly mistakes.

    Branding Lost In Translation

    I know it is not nice to laugh at other people's error, especially when English is not their first english for these businesses. This does not stop the fact that these examples are

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  6. Personalized Toys & Items Celebrating Marshmallow Man

    The Marshmallow man first seen in the original Ghostbusters turns 30 this year. Originally released in 1984 the Marshmallow man back then was an amazing visual treat for movie goers and the character soon became an 80's icon in its own right. To celebrate the event there have been a raft of promotional toys and products that have been released. Here are a few of the more awesome Stay Puft Marshmallow Man anniversary products that we have come across.

    Promotional Toys & Items

    Lego! who does not like Lego? On the official Lego Cuusoo site (it is a website that garners votes on Lego concepts. The concepts with the most votes gets officially produced as an authentic Lego product). This Lego Marshmallow man is 13 inches tall with a scary big smile. Built with around 1800 pieces it is one awesome toy.

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  7. Minimalist Promotional Items

    The word minimalist gets used quite often nowadays. Essentially minimalist designs are those products that are created using as little design as possible. It is a way to create products and visuals with as little clutter as possible with the emphasis strongly on functionality and clean smooth lines or surfaces. The result is a design that is visually modern and visually a lot more powerful.

    • Minimalist promotional items focus on simplicity, clean lines, and uncluttered visuals.
    • These items ensure clear messaging and reflect brand values while offering timeless relevance and increased perceived value.
    • Apple's range of electronic products serves as an excellent example of successful minimalist design.

    Example of Minimalist Promotional Items

    In the world of promotional items this is a fine example of a minimalist design. This result was done in South Korea for a design company that

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