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  1. Fun Minimalist Promotional Logos

    We often hear comments about how difficult it can be to come up with unique logo designs. While Swedish designer Daniel Carlmatz might not have struggled as much as the rest of us mere mortals, he did decide to challenge himself to rethink his typography and design perspective each day for a whole year. The results are quirky and make you reconsider your interpretation of seemingly simple designs.


    • Daniel Carlmatz's logo challenge demonstrates the creativity and impact of minimalist logos.
    • Minimalist logos have gained popularity due to their simplicity, versatility, and modern appeal.
    • Adopting a minimalist logo design can help create a strong visual identity that resonates with the target audience.

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  2. 5 Creative Uses for Branded Pencils

    Pencils are pencils -- you use them for writing/drawing/colouring, and that's about it, right? Wrong! There are a lot of other uses for the promotional pencils you've got sitting at home so today we thought we'd tell you about some of our favourite alternative pencil ideas. From the home to the garden, there are a lot of ways to recycle to your pencils and ensure they get used for many years to come!

    Make the Most of Your Promotional Pencils

    So you've got a lot of spare promotional pencils sitting about your home or office -- don't throw them out, instead follow our list of tips below to get maximum usage from your custom pencil collection.

    5) Use Pencils

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  3. Amazing things Done with Pens

    Today (April 26th) is World Stationery Day, so what better day to celebrate the awesome things people can do using nothing but a pen and a notebook. One artist, Jimmy Matlik, who we've previously checked out for his great cartoon portraits has adapted his style to be both messy and fun -- the perfect example of the kind of art anyone can accomplish with hard work and a few simple tools.

    A Promotional Pen, Notebook, and lots of Creativity!

    Matlik has been posting his popular cartoon sketch art on Instagram for quite sometime, but his work (always drawn on paper from an unlined promotional notebook) used to contain more straight

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  4. Why Australians Love Allen's Lollies

    There are very few brands that are truly synonymous with a product, but in Australia when you think of lollies, you think "Allen's." Originally developed in over 100 years ago, Allen's lollies have become the top choice of Aussies across the country.  Because we've recently started stocking authentic Promotional Allen's Lollies packs we thought we'd check out exactly why we love this brand and why Aussies can't get enough of Allen's!


    1. Aussies love Allen's Lollies.
    2. Allen's lollies make great promotional products.
    3. Sharing Allen's lollies creates connection.


    Promotional Bags of Allen's Lollies

    The modern Allen's brand describes themselves

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  5. Customised Ping Pong Ball Nerf Gun

    We're huge fans of toys here and Cubic Promote -- obviously, look at our massive promotional toy range! And the only thing we love to muck around with outdoors more would be sports balls like cricket balls, footballs, tennis balls, and even beach balls. So when we saw this story we knew we had to talk about it because can you believe it, one guy managed to combine some of the biggest Nerf guns available to create an incredible contraption that shoots ping pong balls!

    Promotional Toy Upgraded Into Super Device

    Frank Cooper is a YouTube pro and a big fan of Nerf guns, which he enjoys modifying to create unique super toys. In one of his most recent videos, Cooper decided to combine three Nerf Rival Nemesis

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  6. Celebrate with Promotional Jelly Beans

    On April 22nd, 2018 (this Sunday), it is National Jelly Bean Day. To celebrate, this is what you need to do! Eat a handful of Jelly Beans and share this act on your Social Media. So basically this Sunday, expect to see images of people shoving jelly beans into their face!! (what a great day!)

    History of the Jelly Bean

    Different cultures have created products similar to what we now know as a Jelly Bean. The jelly bean in its current shape according to Wikipedia was first mentioned in 1861 by an Amercian living in Boston called Willian Schrafft. They Jelly Bean was something that was meant as a source of food for soilders. Later mentions of Jelly beans associate the candy with Easter, possibly due in part that they look a bit like an egg.

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  7. Unique Promotional Tea Infusers

    The temperature is finally dropping here in Australia, and that means Aussies are fully embracing their inner tea and coffee fan. But sometimes it can seem a bit dull drinking your tea the same way each day, which is why we've sought out four weird and wonderful promotional tea infusers that will liven up your morning tea at work or home.


    1. Elevate your brand with unique tea infusers.
    2. Customise materials for a personalised touch.
    3. Infuse marketing with creativity.


    Cool Custom Cups with Infusers

    If you want your promotional coffee mugs to shine, nothing

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  8. 5 Weird Promotional Products from Famous Brands

    We're used to seeing familiar brands produce familar products. After designer bags? Louis Vuitton has you covered. Hungry for some fried chicken? KFC has what you need. When brands step out of their normal wheelhouse with unexpected products the results can sometimes be successful (see the Pizza Hut Promotional Apparel Range) and other times well, these custom items speak for themselves!

    5) Nintendo Brand Playing Cards

    This one is a bit deceptive as Nintendo has been producing playing cards since the company began. Video game fans may be surprised to learn that at one point the promotional card

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  9. Smart Tips for Protecting Your Data

    If you're anything like me, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has got you a bit worried about how your data is transmitted and stored on the various platforms you access. There's no foolproof way to protect your smartphone or tablet from ever being accessed by anyone else, but there are some great tips that can help you stay protected and all they require is a bit of common sense and forethought!

    Promotional Cords and Other Simple Security Ideas

    While recent scandals and the ongoing improvement of security options on devices mean that people are gradually becoming more aware of how to keep themselves and their data safe online, there are still some great security ideas that take little effort and go a long way in protecting your most precious device!

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  10. Beer Day with Branded Drinkware

    Aussies love a beer or two, so when it comes to celebrating Beer Day (April 7th) we are ahead of the pack! While National Beer Day celebrations originated in the US as a way to celebrate when prohibition ended, here in Australia we're such big fans of beer that we don't mind celebrating one of the world's oldest beverages in April as well!


    1. Promote your brand with stubby coolers.
    2. Customised glassware adds elegance.
    3. Celebrate Beer Day in style.


    Enjoy Beer With Stubbies and Glasses

    Here in Australia beer is considered part of our everyday working lives, a beverage adults enjoy responsibly after work and with friends. That's why products that promote your brand and

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