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  1. Why Pen Lids Have Holes

    We've all used promotional pens before, particularly classic promotional BIC pens and other popular budget ballpoint writing instruments. But have you ever wondered why all these popular pens seem to have holes in their lids? The answer might surprise you.


    1. Choose safe, quality ballpoint pens.
    2. Prioritise safety and environmental impact.
    3. Invest in high-quality promotional products.


    Pen Lids and User Safety

    Although we'd probably like to deny it, most of us have chewed on the lid (or even tip) of a branded ballpoint pen before. While it's not a particularly great

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  2. The History of Nike's Famous Logo Design

    Without a doubt, one of the most recognisable corporate logos in the modern world belongs to the Nike brand. An elegant swoosh or tick is all the majority of consumers need to see to associate a product with the trusted company name. But have you ever wondered about the development of such an iconic sportswear symbol? It turns out the Nike swoosh has a rather interesting trademark history, and if you're interested in promotional products you'll want to read more!

    How Nike Invented Their Promotional Logo

    When Nike was an emerging brand it not only didn't have a logo, but it was struggling to find an identity after changing its name from "Blue Ribbon Sports." Although the company founders, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight,

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  3. Tea Tips for Your New Promotional Cup

    Now that the temperature has started to drop in Australia, we've seen a very strong increase in the number of promotional cup sales. This happens during the cooler months each year, and we love giving people what they want -- which is why we've decided to put together some great tips for getting the most out of the tea you make in your new custom cup!

    Getting the Best Tea Flavour in Your Personalised Cup

    The key to achieving the tea flavour you desire is how long you steep the tea in your new promotional cup. This is essentially a fancy way of saying how long you soak your tea in water. While the basic qualities of tea are the same regardless of how many minutes you leave your tea soaking, to get your ideal flavours and the best level

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  4. Temporary Tattoos Were Invented for Promotional Use

    Temporary tattoos are memorable promotional items because they literally put a design or logo onto your body (albeit temporarily). But have you ever wondered about the history of these products? We were a little curious ourselves, so we decided to investigate why they were created and when!

    Temporary Tattoos As Freebies and Tip-on Gifts

    Tattoo historians (what a cool job) believe that based on advertising and media from the 1890's, the first (very dodgy) temporary tattoos were released as bonus gifts with sticks of bubblegum. While we're sure they didn't look as good as today's promotional temporary tattoos, there's no doubt that they were developed specifically as a way to advertise while also being

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  5. Royal Wedding Bags Popularity

    Well-wishers all over the world were glued to the television over the weekend watching Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle tie the knot. People in the US woke up at 4 am to watch the event on TV, while Australians were observing from 9 pm on Saturday evening. To say the royal wedding was a huge event would be a serious understatement! Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the promotional gift bags that Harry and Meghan distributed to guests have become seriously hot property online this week.


    1. Promotional products create brand awareness.
    2. They are cost-effective and useful.
    3. Unique products generate interest and buzz.


    Promotional Wedding Totes Everybody Wants

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  6. Who Invented Promotional Highlighters?

    Promotional items have become a popular way for businesses to market themselves and increase their brand recognition. The range of promotional products expands every year, offering exciting new ways to put a company logo or name in front of potential customers. However, few promotional items are as effective as promotional highlighters! These office essentials are used daily by many people for various purposes – from studying for exams to taking notes during business meetings. In this post, we'll explore the origins of highlighters, its advantages, and its potential for branding.

    1. Yukio Horie from Tokyo Stationery Company invented highlighters.
    2. Promotional highlighters provide affordable advertising.
    3. Branding on highlighters maximise visibility.


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  7. Celebrate with Promotional Wine items

    I have some great news for Wine lovers across Australia. This week on the 25th of May is national wine day. Yes, apparently such a day really does exist. So what to do to celebrate this glorious day? Well, the answer is easy. Stock up and drink up on your favourite vintage. To celebrate Cubic Promote is going to offer some specials on our range of promotional wine item products.


    • Celebrate National Wine Day by stocking up on your favorite wine and using promotional wine accessories.
    • Share the experience with friends, family, or on social media with #NationalWineDay.
    • Drink responsibly, savor the flavors, and explore local wineries or wine bars for an unforgettable celebration.

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  8. Creative Suggestions for a Clean Kitchen

    The 18th of May is a super fun (and somewhat obscure) national day; it's No Dirty Dishes Day! On this day you can either avoid doing dishes entirely or do your household/office a solid and help with all the dishes taking up room on the sink! If you're ready for a working bee in the kitchen, then you'll want to utilise these great tips for your No Dirty Dishes Day!

    Promotional Products and Ideas for No Dirty Dishes

    Not sure where to start with eliminating the dirty dishes in your kitchen? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these super handy tips and tricks.

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  9. The Foolproof Guide to Picking Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are the type of product that you need to select wisely as, regardless of how good looking you are, not all frames suit all face types. So how can you ensure you're selecting a pair of sunnies that actually flatters your face rather than contributing to your flaws? We've put together a totally foolproof guide to finding custom sunglasses that'll bring out your best features no matter where you're wearing them!

    Selecting Bulk Promotional Sunglasses

    The most important thing you need to work out before you begin looking at sunglasses is your face shape. There are six main face types; Oval, Circle, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, and Heart. When you select your promotional sunglasses,

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  10. Why Buy Promotional Nail Files?

    Our nails have all manner of unique and important functions, and while manicures & nail care have long been associated with women, the reality is that all of us have fingernails and we should take care of them. So what's a good nail care tool to have handy? A nail file, of course!

    1. Keep nails clean and healthy.
    2. Nail files are practical tools.
    3. Promote your brand with nail files.


    Importance of Nail Care

    Here are the reasons why you should include nail care in your regular hygiene:

    Fingernails Grow Every Single Day

    One of the most important reasons to have a promotional nail file in your backpack or handbag is that your fingernails grow pretty fast. How fast? Around 0.1mm every single day, but this speed can increase during the daytime and summer (when compared to evening and the winter). Because your nails are always growing and changing, it's important to keep

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