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  1. Relax With Personalised Colouring Books

    August the 2nd is National Colouring Book day so we'd thought we'd get ahead of the curve and talk about these awesome promotional products before the auspicious occasion! Colouring books are generally stapled booklets containing a variety of line art you're encouraged to add colour to using art supplies such as pencils, crayons, and paints. Think these are just for kids? Think again, adult colouring books are increasing in popularity the world over.


    1. Adult colouring books offer multiple benefits.
    2. Various industries value custom coloring books.
    3. Use clever strategies to maximise promotion.


    Why Use Promotional Colouring-In Books?


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  2. Promotional Clothing: Cold Water Wash Only

    You've received your new promotional t-shirts or office outfits and want to give them a good clean, should you pop them in a warm water wash or cold water wash? Surprisingly, warm water is falling out of favour when it comes to keeping your daily wearable clean. Learn more about why you should be washing cold and how best to protect your new promotional clothing below.


    1. Wash promotional clothing in cold water.
    2. Transition smoothly from warm to cold water.
    3. Cold-water washing benefits environment, clothes.


    Cold-Water Washing for Branded Clothes

    We've told you that it's important

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  3. 5 Custom Product Fails You Won't Forget

    There are countless successful products on the market these days. Whether we're talking about drinks like Coca-Cola, or smartphones like the iPhone, or even simple items like the BiC ballpoint pen, it's the successes that stand out in our minds. However, for every successful product that changes consumer perceptions, there's dozens that fail to leave an impact -- or worse, embarrass the proudcers and end up costing a lot of money. Here are 5 custom product fails you'll commit to memory, if ony because they were such disasters!

    Famous Branded Product Fails

    Whether a product fails because it's not well suited to its purpose (the eReader Nook), or because of production issues (the Apple Lisa computer), or simply because it's a terrible product (pretty much everything Donald Trump

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  4. Who Invented Promotional Cooler Bags?

    Living in Australia, most of us would undoubtedly have used a cooler bag or chiller box at some point in our lives. Whether we're off to a sports game, heading to a picnic, enjoying a concert, or simply relaxing on the beach it's important we keep our food and drinks at safe temperatures for consumption. But have you ever wondered who invented these fantastic modern devices? We decided to check into the history of the custom cooler bag to find out more!


    1. Inventor: R. C. Laramy created the first ice chest in 1951.
    2. Practical and durable: Cooler bags last for years.
    3. Boost brand visibility: Customised bags expose brand.


    A History of Bulk Promotional Coolers

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  5. Products for Wine and Cheese Day

    The National Wine and Cheese Day is on the 25th of July. It is a day that celebrates two of my favourite types of food. This particular day is celebrated in America, but really, I see no reason, why us Aussies, should not adopt this marvellous day. The best types of food in a cold Australian winter has to be cheese. Melt it in a pizza, toast, pasta, anything really and you have a beautiful winter warmer. As to wine, well anytime is a good time right? I love chilled white wine compared to Red!


    • National Wine and Cheese Day is a global opportunity to appreciate these products and their pairings.
    • Celebrations can involve learning about varieties or hosting themed parties.
    • Promotional items like branded cheeseboards and wine aerators enhance the experience.

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  6. Promotional Lollipops for National Lollipop Day

    The 20th of July is one of the sweetest days of the year when people all over the country and the world come together to celebrate delicious lollipops. National Lollipop Day is all about everyone's favourite candy on a stick getting some recognition. Did you know lollipops were originally invented in the early 1900's? Find out more about these fun and tasty treats below.

    Why Customised Lollipops Make Perfect Promo Treats

    US confectioner George Smith is generally credited as the inventor of the modern lollipop. Before the lollipop, most forms of lolly were consumed with the hands, often from paper wrapping which made them quite difficult to eat on the move. Smith's lollipop was innovative because it meant the candy was easy to eat without getting sticky

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  7. Hilarious Product Design Mistakes

    Designers tend to have good intentions when it comes to their work, but sometimes all the good intentions in the world can't fix a bung design. These funny designer mishaps are from all sorts of situations but serve to remind us all of one important thing; always double check your work before proceeding to production!

    Promotional Design Errors to Avoid

    Whether you're ordering custom promotional products or simply designing the packaging to go with them, it's important to keep in mind the following;

    • Who will be using the product?
    • Why will they be using it?
    • How does my design allow for both of the above?

    The following items don't really adhere to these design staples and as a result,

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  8. Funny Custom Printed T-Shirts

    We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love funny promotional t-shirts! Whether it's hilarious because of the witty slogan, a mistranslation, or simply because of the context we're always looking for some fun photos of hilarious t-shirts in the wild. Today we've got several new pics we've spotted online, and we're sure you'll love them as much as we have!


    1. Promote your brand with humor.
    2. Keep designs simple and relevant.
    3. Use high-quality materials for longevity.


    Unintentionally Funny Printed Shirts

    We all know it's important to double check our designs before sending them off to production, but these promotional t-shirts with hilariously mistranslated or nonsensical print will make you double check everything again just to be sure!

    What a Boring Seahorse

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  9. Who Invented Custom Stress Balls?

    Stress balls are the kind of promotional products you see at all manner of events. Product launches? People give out stress balls. Corporate get-togethers? There's always a stress toy or ten. However, if I were to ask you who invented the modern stress ball, you might be hard-pressed to name them. That's why we've decided to investigate the interesting history of the stress toy and what exactly prompted their invention!


    1. Learn about the original stress ball.
    2. Customised stress balls for your brand.
    3. Amplify marketing efforts with stress balls.


    The Original Promotional Stress Busting Product

    Unlike a lot of the products we customise here at Cubic Promote, the promotional

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  10. Retro Promotional Products from McDonald's

    July the 19th is global McDelivery Day, a date the McDonald's franchise is celebrating internationally through a team up with delivery services such as UberEats to help promote the convenience of grabbing your Maccas through a delivery app. The best way to celebrate? By giving away prizes to awesome people who use a delivery service, of course! But the promotional products being given away are of particular note because they're all in a great 90's retro style that fans of fashion and food will undoubtedly adore.


    1. Limited availability drives demand.
    2. Classic products remain consistently popular.
    3. Retro design creates brand buzz.


    90's Style Merchandise to

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