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  1. Promotional Product Case Study: By Manu

    Blue T-Shirt Printed with Sauce By Manu Logo

    You'd have to have spent the last decade under a rock not to know the smiling face of Manu Feildel, one of Australia's favourite television chefs. Best known for his successful stint co-hosting My Kitchen Rules, Manu is an accomplished restauranteur and chef outside the entertainment industry.

    Learning About The Client's Needs

    One of Manu's recent passions has been developing a range of delicious sauces, 'The Sauce by Manu,' after his "where's the sauce?" pleas became something of a catchphrase on My Kitchen Rules, this did seem like a natural progression. Of course, many home-prepared dishes could use sauce, but creating a quality sauce after a long day at work is often beyond weary home chefs.

    This is where The Sauce by Manu comes in; pre-packaged sauces made to Manu's recipes and exacting standards that customers purchase and add to classic meals like steak, lamb roast, grilled salmon, and more. Since its introduction in late 2019, The Sauce by

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  2. The Hennessy Promotional Giveaways

    Hennessy Navy Blue Branded Cap with Basketball Insignia

    Brand name marketing and marketing merchandise collide spectacularly with two seemingly different brands. NBA Basketball and Hennessy (famous Brandy Brand) (Note Hennessy is not a Whiskey). These two famous brands have come together for a promotional stunt that coincides with the NBA finals played in America.


    • Celebrity endorsements boost visibility.
    • Exclusive merchandise fosters engagement.
    • Collaborative promotion enhances brand recognition.


    Harness the Power of Marketing

    Using the power of marketing, the slick project included using imagery via social media and a beautifully filmed advertisement clip that could be seen throughout different sports channels. In addition, special commemorative packaging was also designed for this marketing campaign to

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  3. Why Branded Beanies Remain Best-Sellers

    two tone beanie photo

    Custom beanies are a popular choice for enhancing uniforms and boosting marketing campaigns during the cooler months, but they're a versatile product that can work throughout the year if utilised well.

    What is a Promotional Beanie?

    According to, a beanie is a small, round, brimless hat. At Cubic Promote, we supply stylish promotional beanies made from fleece, cable knit, and acrylic. In addition, we offer beanies in various colours and styles, perfect for any business or event. Branded beanie is headwear worn by both men and women and kids. Simply put, you can give a logo imprinted beanie to anyone, regardless of age and gender, and they will appreciate your gift, especially during the colder season. But a beanie has more uses than keeping your head comfortable and warm.

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  4. Top Custom Tea Picks for 2022

    Colourful Custom Tea Pots

    Customised tea is a versatile and elegant choice of promotional item for any industry in 2022. Tea is a popular drink across cultures and is particularly in-demand during chilly winter days here in Australia. So why not learn more about the delicious teas we have in our range and how they might best serve your recipients!

    Refreshing Promotional Tea Choices

    When it comes to promotional teas, there are a huge assortment of options to choose from. Tea is produced from different types of herbs, leaves, or even flowers that have aromatic flavours that are released when you brew the tea in hot water. Many plant compounds also offer health benefits and most tears are rich in things like antioxidants which can help with a variety of health outcomes.


    An excellent tea flavour to give out to your customers is standard black tea. You can brew it straight black with nothing

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