Monthly Archives: September 2022

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  1. Graduation Gift Ideas for Australian Schools

    University Graduate Jersey

    Whether you're studying at primary school, high school, or tertiary institute (like university or TAFE), graduating from one year and progressing to another is truly a special moment. While it has been some time since I've personally been at school, I've seen the joy that receiving a graduation gift can bring to loved ones, and it has really stuck with me.


    So today, on the Cubic Promote blog, I will examine how to select graduation gifts for Australian students and some of our best-selling products customers use for this purpose.

    How to Select Graduation Gifts for Aussie Students

    Graduation gifts are traditionally long-lasting keepsakes that students can hold onto years into the future. The goal of a graduation gift is to commemorate the educational

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  2. 4 Things Every Custom Beach Kit Needs

    Terrigal Beach Australia

    Holiday promo packs featuring goodies for the beach are a popular choice for Australian organisations and a great way to save time and money for Christmas/New Years' staff and customer rewards. But how do you choose the right products to include in your gift sets?


    I've consulted with other Cubic Promote team members to develop a list of 4 promotional products that will make any beach kit pop. We've based this list on the successes we've noticed over our combined years in the industry, so we're confident that any custom beach pack you create will benefit from including one or all of these unique items.

    Personalised Beach Mats

    Not only can the hot sand at the beach be uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. On a sweltering day, the sand at the beach can heat up to high enough temperatures that it can

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  3. Why It's Time to Consider New Uniforms

    A Benchmark business shirt ready for custom decoration

    Uniforms aren't a new thing in Australia, here we wear uniforms at state primary and secondary schools, our tasty Maccas coffees are served to us by staff members in full uniform, and we can all recognise the reflective shimmer of a tradie outfit from across the Bunning's car park. But when was the last time you considered custom branded clothing for your business or event? Today on the Cubic Promote blog, we will be looking at why right now is the perfect time to start thinking about a new approach to uniforms in your workplace!

    Why Consider an Apparel Upgrade

    During the pandemic, when the survival of individuals and businesses was the priority, people weren't looking at clothing for uniforms. As a result, our sales for those types of products dropped considerably, and I don't think anyone in the industry was surprised by this (after all, many of us were working from home

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