As much as we enjoy a simple, elegant, professional looking black and white minimalist design, sometimes the best branding ideas are colourful ones. Besides, nothing says that clean and professional can't also be bright and cheerful. Developed by Barcelona based agency "sr. y. sra"  for the creative production agency "I Am Nuria", this incredible rebrand uses a simple and understated basic design that's professional looking, but made so much more vivid and memorable by applying that simple design to a varied colour palette.


  • Events in Australia are now incorporating colorful branded stationeries to add vibrancy and personalization.
  • Whether it's conferences, weddings, community events, or schools, branded stationeries make a lasting impression.
  • Colorful stationeries engage attendees, enhance brand recognition, and inspire creativity in various event settings.

Colourful Branding

Colourful Custom Stationery and Business Cards

The design of I Am Nuria's stationery is professional but rather basic. Simple text and boxes that wouldn't look out of place on any bureaucratic form you'd have to fill in - albeit one that's considerably less cramped looking than your average paperwork - but with a few additions that give it a style all of its own.

colourful branding (4)

Each bit of promotional stationery bears a cheery message: "Hello, I am a; invoice, an estimate, a letter, a delivery notice." Such a simple message not only makes each bit of stationery stand out wonderfully, but also adds a more friendly feel to what would otherwise be some plain and professional paperwork.

colourful branding (5)

More impressive however is that the common print design is applied to paper and cardboard in a wide variety of colours. The wide range of colours considerably brightens a simple design, and adds depth and character to what would otherwise be a rather basic design. Meanwhile the simple design is ubiquitous and works on any colour.

colourful branding (2)

colourful branding (3)


Custom Stationery For Events

Events and gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to connect, network, and celebrate in Australia. To make these occasions even more memorable, organizers are now considering the use of colorful branded stationeries to add a vibrant touch. From conferences and trade shows to weddings and parties, incorporating branded stationeries can create a unique and lasting impression. In this article, we will explore the various events where colorful branded stationeries can be utilized, discuss the benefits they offer, and showcase how Australians can relate to this trend.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows are known for bringing together professionals, businesses, and industry experts. By incorporating colorful branded stationeries, organizers can make their events stand out from the crowd. Brightly colored notebooks, promotional plastic pens, and notepads adorned with company or event logos add energy and liveliness to the atmosphere. Attendees can take these branded items home, serving as a lasting reminder of the event and enhancing brand recognition.

Weddings and Special Occasions

Australians cherish their wedding and special occasions, often looking for unique ways to make these events truly remarkable. Introducing colorful branded stationeries into wedding favors, such as promotional rulers or custom-designed pens, can create a delightful and unique touch. Guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of these gifts and enjoy using them even after the event, forever associating them with the joyous celebration.

Community and Fundraising Events

Community events and fundraisers play a significant role in Australian society, bringing people together for a common cause. By incorporating colorful branded stationeries, organizers can raise awareness and support for their initiatives. From branded wristbands to awareness ribbons and custom-designed stickers, these items can engage attendees, spark conversations, and encourage active participation. Australians can relate to this trend as they take pride in supporting and creating positive change within their communities.

Schools and Educational Events

Education is highly valued in Australia, and schools are always looking for innovative ways to inspire creativity and enhance learning experiences. Colorful branded stationeries, such as notebooks, pencils, and art supplies, can bring excitement and motivation to students. Customized stationery sets can also be used as rewards or incentives, encouraging students to strive for excellence. This trend resonates with Australians who appreciate the importance of education and the need to foster a creative and engaging learning environment.


Incorporating colorful branded stationeries into events is a growing trend in Australia, adding vibrancy and personalization to gatherings. Whether it's conferences and trade shows, weddings and special occasions, community and fundraising events, or schools and educational events, there are endless opportunities to utilize branded stationeries and make a lasting impression. By embracing this trend, Australians can create memorable experiences, spread awareness, and inspire creativity while showcasing their unique style and support for various causes. So, next time you plan an event, consider the vibrant touch of colorful branded stationeries to enhance the overall atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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