Blake Tucker

Blake Tucker
Blake Tucker
Account Manager

Blake is a new transplant to the promotional products industry, but after several years in real estate he knows what it's like to be a customer looking to buy promotional products! Blake is an expert on client experience and product recommendations, particularly of the sporting variety and knows a lot about exciting promo gifts for the great outdoors as well.

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  1. Essential Tax Time Promotional Products

    June 30th marks the end of the financial year so that means you only have a few more weeks to get your orders in before budgets for the new year begin. If you have remaining budget to spend before the June 30th cut-off date then why not utilise this money to purchase promotional items or office essentials for your organisation from Cubic Promote.

    Best-Selling Custom Office Merchandise

    Products customised with your corporate logo make fantastic investments during EOFY as they can be stored for use throughout the coming months and years, ensuring you always have stock on hand. If you're already planning for the rest of 2021 then this is also the perfect opportunity to order custom swag for any events or conferences you might be having soon.


    If you're not sure whether or not you need EOFY

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  2. Yes, We Have Promo Product Catalogues!

    Are you interested in checking out the range of promotional gifts here at Cubic Promote, but would prefer having an old-school browse offline? Never fear, we always keep a stock of product catalogues that we can send you on request to ensure you can see our latest and greatest items without the need for browsing through our extensive online catalogue.

    Why Choose Printed Product Catalogues?

    Sometimes it can be easier to pass a physical catalogue around a marketing team or perhaps you're the kind of person who likes to curl up and enjoy a good brochure on your own time. For those times, Cubic Promote can supply a full-colour glossy catalogue featuring popular, recent, and eco-friendly

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  3. Why Choose Promotional Hoodies

    Hoodies make fantastic promotional gifts for a variety of industries because, well, what's more comfortable than a hoodie when the cold weather starts to bite? Today on the Cubic Promote blog we're going to be looking at why promotional hoodies make sense as branded merchandise in 2021.


    1. Hoodies: Comfortable, versatile, and cost-effective.
    2. Zip-ups vs. pullovers: Design options matter.
    3. Hoodies: Visible branding with long-lasting impact.


    Branded Hoodies as Marketing Merchandise

    Hoodies are a popular piece of promotional clothing for organisations as diverse

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  4. Why Invest in Branded Backpacks

    Backpacks are a highly functional promo item that often gets forgotten in a world where custom tote bags are everywhere. Promotional backpacks are wonderful products for those who want to give their team members a daily-use item, those keen on handing out quality custom bags to event attendees, and people seeking stylish corporate gifts. Don't believe us? Keep reading -- there's a lot of advantages to having your brand on bulk backpacks.


    1. Branded backpacks: Reach wider audiences.
    2. Customisation options: Premium, eco-friendly materials.
    3. Promotional impact: Unite communities, foster loyalty.


    Promotional Backpacks

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  5. Beer Day with Branded Drinkware

    Aussies love a beer or two, so when it comes to celebrating Beer Day (April 7th) we are ahead of the pack! While National Beer Day celebrations originated in the US as a way to celebrate when prohibition ended, here in Australia we're such big fans of beer that we don't mind celebrating one of the world's oldest beverages in April as well!


    1. Promote your brand with stubby coolers.
    2. Customised glassware adds elegance.
    3. Celebrate Beer Day in style.


    Enjoy Beer With Stubbies and Glasses

    Here in Australia beer is considered part of our everyday working lives, a beverage adults enjoy responsibly after work and with friends. That's why products that promote your brand and

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  6. Top Funniest Printed Coffee Cups

    Promotional coffee mugs are an office and home staple that allow you to express yourself while tucking into a good cup of joe or a lovely fresh tea. Some of our favourite mugs we've seen over the years in this industry are the ones that give us a good laugh. To spread the smiles, we're sharing some of our faves from around the web for you to check out and get inspired by.

    Mugs with Funny Messages

    Printed Mug for the Short Person in Your Office

    Mushu from Disney's Mulan is quoted here in a funny little inspirational mug for any vertically

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  7. Latest Fashion: Branded Hi-Vis Clothing

    If you've seen any fashion shows this year you might be forgiven for thinking you were at a construction site -- workwear is now the height of fashion. Whether it be comfortable slacks featuring a reflective stripe, or a fully reflective sweater akin to those you see on construction workers, logo branded hi-vis clothing is now the preferred streetwear look.


    1. Hi-vis clothing increases brand visibility.
    2. Customisation options include embroidery and screen printing.
    3. Hi-vis clothing is versatile and cost-effective.



    Doubles as Casual Wear

    2017 saw more high-end fashion labels utilising vibrant neon items inspired by the safety wear

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  8. Promotional Snapback Cap History

    When it comes to promotional headwear, it might not come as a surprise to learn that our extensive range of custom baseball caps is some of the most popular products on our website. But the baseball cap's cousin, the snapback, is easily a close runner-up. What makes the promotional snapback such a unique product? Well, it's all about the style...


    1. Snapbacks are popular in street fashion.
    2. Logo decoration on various parts.
    3. Consider them events and advertising.


    Baseball Cap and Snapback: Difference

    Logo decorated baseball caps were the original cap style, designed with a curved peak to keep the sun out of baseball players' eyes during the 1800's. Often these caps would be fitted to a player's

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  9. Cider's Refreshed Logo Revamp

    When Canadian cider company Les Vergers de la Colline wanted to rebrand as Cidery Milton, they asked contemporary design agency lg2 to reimagine their entire image by drawing directly from the natural elements included in their products. The result is a whole new look that embraces greens and oranges without missing a beat.


    1. Strong branding leads to recognition and differentiation.
    2. Consistent branding builds trust and loyalty.
    3. Fresh logo design promotes a modern image.


    Relaunch for Earthy Cider Brand

    The new-look Cidery Milton blends new and old looks to create a rebrand that manages to be both modern and rustic. Ditching their plain black logo and fluoro

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  10. Promotional Bicycle Items for Ride2Work Day

    It's National Ride2Work Day, and that means it's time to dust off your bike and get moving! The benefits of riding to work include physical exercise (we don't do enough of it as a society) and reducing your carbon footprint (bike riding = zero emissions!) as well as the joys of just getting out in the open and enjoying your environment. So in celebration, we thought we'd recommend some of our most popular promotional products for bike riders Australia wide!


    1. Promote your brand through cycling.
    2. Custom biking jerseys for corporate teams.
    3. Choose relevant promotional bike accessories.


    Branded Product Ideas for Australian Cyclists

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