You may love or hate Coca-Cola, but there is no denying that their design team throughout the decades really really know what they are doing. Their iconic logo, the shape of all their bottles, their promo merchandise and the beautiful selection of colours means they rarely if ever make any mistakes. Their latest effort is a metal promotional bottle.


  • Coca-Cola's new metal promotional bottle features a sleek, modern design with straight edges and a minimalist aesthetic.
  • The award-winning bottle design showcases Coca-Cola's dedication to innovation and sustainability.
  • Although currently only available in Italy, the growing demand for eco-friendly products may lead to this unique bottle.

Coca cola promotional bottles

New Metal Bottles

The new Coca-Cola Promotional bottle is a beautiful item. Unlike their regular beverage bottles, this refillable and reusable item has straight edges. It is beautifully modern, and I can see that it will become an instant classic. The new Coca-Cola Promotional metal bottle is not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly, as it encourages users to reduce plastic waste by reusing and refilling the bottle. Its sleek design, featuring straight edges and a minimalist aesthetic, makes it a stylish accessory for any occasion, whether you're at the office, gym, or out with friends.


The durable metal construction ensures that the bottle will withstand daily wear and tear while keeping your beverages cold for longer periods of time. Furthermore, the Coca-Cola branding adds a touch of nostalgia and familiarity, making it an attractive choice for fans of the iconic beverage company. Overall, this new metal bottle is an excellent combination of form and function, destined to become a popular choice among eco-conscious consumers who value both style and sustainability.

Award Winning Bottle Design 2018

The Award Winning Bottle Design of 2018 showcases Coca-Cola's commitment to innovation and sustainability while engaging with the global creative community. This unique and eye-catching design, chosen from a pool of 463 entries and 400 contestants, truly stands out as a testament to the talent and diversity of the participants involved in the competition. Although currently not available in Australia, the bottle's exclusive availability in Italy adds an air of exclusivity and allure, making it a sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The international nature of the contest highlights Coca-Cola's dedication to connecting with its audience on a global scale, promoting environmental responsibility through reusable bottle designs.


As the demand for eco-friendly products grows, it wouldn't be surprising to see this award-winning bottle design eventually make its way to other markets, including Australia. For now, those who wish to acquire this unique piece of Coca-Cola memorabilia may need to plan a trip to Italy or keep an eye out for potential future releases in their region.

Features of this Bottle

This bottle can carry both hot or cold beverages. It's not just for Cola; you can use it for Soup, tea, coffee or any other hot drink. The unique thing about this bottle is that the bubbles that are on the item serve to enhance the branding yet, it also provides additional grip for when you hold the item.


Coca-Cola's new metal promotional bottle is a testament to their design expertise and commitment to sustainability. The visually appealing, durable, and eco-friendly bottle has the potential to become an instant classic among environmentally conscious consumers and collectors alike. What do you think of this unique effort? It is rather beautiful, isn't it? Perhaps you would like to submit and create a bottle for your organisation? Let me know; we can create a promotional bottle as unique as this, just for your company.



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