There are a few brands on earth that can pull off collaborating their logo with different types of promotional items without affecting their image. Coca-cola is one such brand. The famous Coca-cola logo is seen on unlikely products like yo-yo's, sneakers, sunglasses, and now, on a limited edition collectible figurine toy.

coca cola toys oct 2019

A Japanese Toy Brand

The toy brand Medicom is a name famous for its ultra-high-end expensive collectible toys. These toys most definitely were never made for children. For big kids (aka adults), these toys are more in the realm of art as opposed to promotional toys.

Collaboration with Coca-Cola

One of the most recognizable brands on earth has to be Coca-Cola. It is with this famous red brand that Medicom toys have combined to create a Cola-inspired figurine. The concept is quite simple. Take a plain white figurine, (one big and one small one is available), and plaster the logo all around the body and head of the figurine. These toys cost around 200 Australian dollars and will be available through their online store.

Next Level Merchandise Branding

Coca-Cola is a brand that is known for its iconic products and its global presence. With its wide range of products, it has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It has taken its merchandise branding to the next level by creating merchandise that is not only stylish, but also has a strong connection to the Coca-Cola brand. From t-shirts to mugs, Coca-Cola has created merchandise that captures its unique style and can be seen in stores around the world.


Through its merchandise branding, Coca-Cola has been able to create a strong connection with its customers and give them something to remember their experience with the brand. The company has also used the merchandise to create a sense of nostalgia and to build a community of loyal customers. By utilizing its merchandise branding, Coca-Cola has been able to cement its place in the global market and continue to be a leader in the industry.


Several things stand out for me, with this collaboration between expensive toys and coca-cola. Firstly the fact that this toy brand is so expensive, yet so desirable amongst collectors is fascinating. Secondly, why would a beverage brand want to collaborate in the first place? Does it make any sense?


Probably yes, the Coca-cola brand is so famous which makes the juxtaposition for it to be featured on an exclusive toy, all the more impressive. Let me know what you think about this exciting range of toys. Unlike the usual promotional toy giveaways, this effort cannot be a more polar opposite. It appeals not to the mass market, but to the wealthy niche collector.