We've posted a lot of blog entries lately about fast food chains and their latest merchandise drops because we're well and truly into the Christmas merchandise season. A lot of brands launch seasonal capsule collections at the end of November, which means we've got a lot of great inspiration to go through during this time of year. The latest merch range is from classic fast food restaurant, Pizza Hut.

pizza hut branded glassware

Promotional Gifts With a Classic Logo

Pizza Hut has opted for a small range of high-quality products featuring their classic logo branding to help ring in the holiday season for 2021. A lot of large chains are releasing pages and pages of different products, but Pizza Hut has seemingly opted for a small range that puts emphasis on what is important to customers during the cold northern winters (I say as I type through a sweltering spring storm here in Sydney). While Australian brands will be looking at more summer-friendly swag for a local Christmas merch range, we still think there's some interesting stuff to unpack here!

pizza hut branded wine glasses pizza hut branded ornaments

Branded Merchandise for the Holidays

Because there are only 6 products total in the Pizza Hut 2021 holiday swag drop, each item really gets a chance to shine in the press surrounding the collection. Sometimes less is more when it comes to limited edition merchandise as having too many different items can lessen the overall "limited" feel of the campaign. Scarcity sells, so don't be afraid to limit your own marketing merchandise drops to a handful of options. Pizza Hut's range includes:

Many of these seem like "standard" items but it is in the attention to detail that these custom gifts really shine. Each ornament in the 3-piece set is crafted into a unique shape with relevant seasonal Pizza Hut branding. You can't tell me these won't look amazing on a tree over the holidays! Similar detail can be found on all the items, such as the glasses that look a beautiful red only to reveal a subtle Pizza Hut logo on the base. These are the types of gifts that recipients will enjoy getting out each Christmas to enjoy, not just this one.

custom pizza hut wrap promo pizza hut glasses

Finding Your Marketing #Inspo

While we aren't behind Pizza Hut's latest merch drop, we here at Cubic Promote know our way around promotional products. Aussie swimwear and swag? We can make it happen. Locally produced stubby coolers for new year's parties? Leave it to us. If you're keen to organise corporate gifts before the holidays or simply want advice on marketing merchandise ideas, you can have a chat to our friendly team for more information!


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