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  1. Yes, We Have Promo Product Catalogues!

    Are you interested in checking out the range of promotional gifts here at Cubic Promote, but would prefer having an old-school browse offline? Never fear, we always keep a stock of product catalogues that we can send you on request to ensure you can see our latest and greatest items without the need for browsing through our extensive online catalogue.

    Why Choose Printed Product Catalogues?

    Sometimes it can be easier to pass a physical catalogue around a marketing team or perhaps you're the kind of person who likes to curl up and enjoy a good brochure on your own time. For those times, Cubic Promote can supply a full-colour glossy catalogue featuring popular, recent, and eco-friendly

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  2. History of Lamy Promotional Pens

    For many years now, we have been resellers of the brand Lamy. Lamy is famous for its pens. Our Lamy promotional pens come personalised with your corporate logo we supply them at wholesale prices. The thing about Lamy is their products are really lovely. Here is a brief history of the brand.


    1. Lamy is a well-established brand.
    2. Customisable pens for promotional tools.
    3. High-quality and versatile options.


    What is Lamy?

    Lamy is a German brand name that specialises in luxurious yet affordable pens. The business was first founded in 1930. The brand came about when Josef Lamy purchased another pen manufacturer called Orthos pens. Since then, Lamy has led the way in the pen business with functional

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  3. Custom Toys Make Work Fun

    If you're anything like me, it can be difficult to fend off boredom and fidgeting during a long day at the office. Sure you've always got a pen or some paper on your desk, but finding something that keeps you entertained without having a negative impact on your productivity can be tough. But never fear, Cubic Promote has a great range of modern promotional toys that allow for workplace mindfulness at a great price.


    1. Boost engagement with branded toys.
    2. Choose durable, functional, and branded toys.
    3. Increase productivity and morale.


    Fun Promotional Toys for Busy Offices

    Easily our most popular toys at the moment are our cheap

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  4. Tips on Font from 1939

    Having maximum legibility for text, images and charts is essential for anyone interested in design. It could be representing data on a monitor, a book, website or magazine. There are some set rules and guidelines that can make legibility stronger and with more impact. In fact some of these rules can be seen in this 1939 copy of a book by Willard Cope Brinton that explaines how colour can make certain custom printed items look clearer and more superior than others.

    Colour Not Font Size

    A lot of people mistakenly assume that having maximum legibility means making the print as big as possible. This possibly can be counter productive especially if the print is so large that it fails to attract attention,

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  5. A Modern Promotional Item Branding Look

    This corporate branding effort is one that I like a lot. The project was done for an advertising agency which specializes in communication, branding and creating advertising campaign. The basic colours which immediately attract attention is white and vibrant hues of navy and royal blue. The total result is unmistakeably modern and extremely exciting. The colours simply scream out a company that is both modern and cutting edge. The use of clean and sharp colours are simply awesome.


    • Brand recognition is boosted when customers and prospects receive promotional products imprinted with a company's logo.
    • Promotional products foster customer engagement, leading to improved brand loyalty.
    • This marketing strategy is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising.


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  6. Race Car Themed Promotional Items

    Not many events can quite bring out the excitement like a racing car event. With the V8 Bathurst weekend just a week or two away we thought we check out some of the top racing car themed promotional items out there. These products will be perfect for any rev head, car enthusiast or if you are like me simply because I appreciate the ability to commute from Point A to Point B not necessarily in the fastest time but in luxury and comfort. With that in mind check it out here.


    1. Promotional items enhance brand visibility.
    2. Creative design upgrades customer experience.
    3. Retro and eco-friendly items impress.

    9 Top Automotive Promotional Items

    1) Torch with neodymium magnets on the end to allow it to attach onto the side of a car as a safety device.

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  7. Personalised Coffee Mugs Make A Cuppa Taste Better

    Personalised coffee mugs actually seem to make your daily brew taste better.  Just look into any office tea room to see how attached people are to their favourite cups!  There are lots of fun and practical ways to add personality to your morning cuppa.  Cool coffee mugs are a must-have accessory these days. Don’t get caught out with a plain white cup!  We’ve done the research. Here are our ideas for the best personalised coffee mugs around.

    Get inspired when you take your first sip

    Inspirational messages are everywhere.  The trick to starting the day off right is to have your favourite slogan right there in front of your eyes.  It could be ‘Wake Up And Be Awesome’ or ‘Keep Calm And Have Another Cuppa’.  The best thing about

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  8. Stress Balls: Help Us Choose!

    At the moment our website has a touch over 8,000 individual products, but we actually want to add more!  More choice of products means more options for you so we rekon that can only be a good thing. Now one of the category of products we have not added new items in a while is actually stress balls.  We think we have a huge range but we think we can do better for you.  Unfortunately we are a bit of a bind!  We simply don't know what you might like for your next promotional product for your organisation.  So instead of us second guessing we though we invite you to vote by simply emailing us with a number corresponding to the option of your choice below.  So without wasting anymore time here goes:


    1. Help choose stress ball styles.
    2. Benefits include stress relief, focus.
    3. Use for promotion at events.


    Preferred Stressball Style?

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  9. Promotional Calculators For When You need answers Quick

    Calculators have been built into everything today. Computers, phones and even watches have them. Despite that fact though calculators are still going very strong and are still ever so popular. There are countless scenarios where nothing beats a calculator for sheer convenience and ergonomics. The advantages of a promotional calculator include:

    1) Convenience. If you were in a retail environment or you were selling large item products such as cars, televisions or other big ticket products it is definitely a good idea to use calculators for both your sales team as well as customers. It allows them to walk and discuss freely possibilities as well as pricing options with more ease than what a computer or phone can provide.

    2) Accuracy. Touch screen inputs typically found on tablets and smart phones are simply prone to errors. This is why the tactile feel of a calculator even small little ones are a huge advantage

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  10. New Promotional Product Ideas

    Are you looking for that unique promotional product that simply no one else has?  Or perhaps you and your company are simply progressive early adopters.  Trail blazers in other words.  If you are one of these people that simply need the newest of things then these brand new promotional products may be just the thing for you. Here is a summary of some of the new products we have introduced in the last few months which we reckon will totally rock when you use them for your marketing campaign.


    1. Consider audience, branding, practicality, quality.
    2. Find new ideas through trends, research, and brainstorming.
    3. Choose standout products for your audience.

    New Corporate Gift Ideas

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