It's one of the biggest events on the Sydney calendar and the 2019 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is shaping up to be huge! Mardi Gras is a great opportunity for organisations to promote their programs for the queer community as well as celebrate the joys of living in such a free and lively city - and Cubic Promote has the best range of promotional products to make it happen!

rainbow promotional toy mardi gras 2019

Tips on Choosing the Best Promotional Product

Identify Your Target Audience

When choosing a promotional product, it’s important to consider who your target audience is. This could include people of different genders, ages, and backgrounds who attend Mardi Gras events with unique interests whilst seeking representations of their diversity.

Select A Product That Aligns With Your Brand Message

Your brand message should align with your choice of merchandise; as after all , such giveaways serve as reflections upon your organisation throughout the event .It's critical to ensure that any items handed out echo company core values or messaging efforts regarding long-term organizational goals

Ensure The Item Is Practical Or Useful For Attendees

Attendees want practical items they can use during Mardi Gras – ones that won't get thrown away ten minutes after receiving them! Opting for durable,event-appropriate merch like custom water bottles showcasing LGBT-specific quotes or funny puns caters towards keeping revelers primed on hydration through long hours under sun while maintaining positive spirits .

Rainbow Marketing Merchandise

The rainbow is an important LGBTQIA+ symbol, and you'll find it everywhere during Mardi Gras season in Sydney. If you're keen to promote your community group of business during Mardi Gras, rainbow promotional products are a great place to start. They embrace the colour and energy of Mardi Gras and come decorated with your unique message or design. Some of our most popular rainbow items include:

Promotional Jelly Beans

rainbow jelly beans promotional 2019

Spread a positive message with our range of colourful jelly beans in custom printed packaging! Promotional lollies are a great way to grab someone's attention and help promote what you do, and they won't break the bank either. If rainbow isn't for you, we can also provide corporate colours as well, but during Mardi Gras, it's all about the rainbow!

Personalised Rainbow Socks

rainbow sock promotional 2019

If you need a gift with purchase or perhaps a product you can sell to raise money for your organisation, our range of retail quality promotional socks is your best bet! These quirky organic cotton goodies are woven with your design, making them an ideal way to get noticed during the busy Mardi Gras season!

Other Popular Mardi Gras Products

Every Mardi Gras we end up selling a lot of these products to keen Aussies looking to get their message out into the community during the Mardi Gras season. These include;

  • Logo Printed Slinkies: Perfect for all ages, these toys are great for marketing your brand.
  • Custom Stickers & Posters: A cheap way to get noticed, we also print pamphlets for festival stalls!
  • Promotional Bottled Water: Stay hydrated during Mardi Gras with your own bottled water.
  • Custom Printed T-Shirts: Get noticed during the parade with your own custom t-shirts!

And if none of these ideas catches your eye, don't worry as our friendly sales team has a whole range of perfect Mardi Gras goodies to recommend based on your requirements. Contact our team today.