Red Lobster is a well-known restaurant chain in the US, specialising in casual seafood dining. Like a lot of other old school restaurants, the brand has decided to tap into the zeitgeist with a range of quirky promotional products for this year's holiday season.

red lobster promotional clothing 2019

Logo Branded Presents for the Holidays

Although we Aussies don't have the chain locally, Red Lobster is the kind of brand that gets name-dropped in TV shows and movies enough that even we have a fair idea what the brand is about. In the US, however, the restaurant chain does well over the Christmas season with their traditional Floridian-style comfort food. In 2019 they've produced a range of fun promotional accessories to help their avid consumers have a logo branded holiday wherever they are.

promotional tumbler red lobster 2019

Why Local Promo Swag Matters

Promotional merchandise that highlights a brand's place of origin, especially over the holiday season, can be a marketing hit. Locals love to show support for brands with a connection to their region, and that same marketing swag might seem new and exciting to someone from a different location. What makes both similar is that a business can really stand out by embracing their regional stock or quaint beginnings by giving visitors something they can call their own.


It makes customers feel as though they have ownership over the product, giving them an influence on their buying decisions. Showing off your roots just like this restaurant chain is a surefire way for businesses to capitalise on those positive vibes in the area and make sure people know where you’re coming from–time for some old fashion pride!

  promotional ugly sweater red lobster 2019

What Kind of Products Are They Selling?

Red Lobster's range of holiday gear is all about fashion and includes the following items;

  • Custom Branded Ugly Holiday Sweaters
  • Logo Branded Cotton Tees
  • Vintage Style Promotional T-Shirts
  • Logo Printed Drinking Tumblers

The highlight is probably the "ugly" holiday sweaters, which not only feature an assortment of Red Lobster foods but also have an insulated pouch on the front so you can store your "biscuits" (which are actually a type of savoury bread and an extremely popular menu item). The insulation is actually very similar to the kind you would find in custom printed cooler bags and should keep your snacks nice and warm.

promotional sweater pocket red lobster 2019 promotional retro tee red lobster 2019

Why Promotional Clothing for Xmas?

Clothes, particular t-shirts and jumpers, make fantastic promotional products because they offer large areas for branding your logo or message. Additionally, people enjoy wearing designs that represent things they respect and appreciate. If you want to get your brand noticed over the holidays maybe take some inspiration from Red Lobster and invest in promotional t-shirts this Christmas!


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