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Retro Mug Collaboration from Disney & Starbucks

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Disney and Starbucks have just collaborated to release six mugs reflecting six renowned Disney theme parks, capturing the essence and attraction of each venue in prized memorabilia. These mugs offer a unique way of bringing joy to past adventures and travelling back in time to those famous Disney theme parks.

disney branded mugs april 2019

At Cubic Promote, we’ve always had this idea of immortalising brands or logos through promotional mugs. This provides a great way for people to remember your brand whilst engaging with a practical product. We all drink water, tea or coffee, so mugs are a great way of having constant exposure for your brand. Moreover, personalised logo mugs are mobile so your brand can be marketed at home, work or wherever you wish to take it.

starbucks disney branded mugs animal starbucks disney branded mugs epcot

Our mugs are either ceramic, porcelain, metal or plastic. We typically customise our plastic and ceramic promotional mugs through pad printing. This is an economical way of impressing your brand or logo on the outside of the mug using ink. However, to achieve a sturdy finish on these types of mugs we recommend kiln firing to bask your brand or logo directly onto the surface of the mug. This will keep it resistant to everyday wear and tear. Moreover, our most popular mugs, similar to the Disney/Starbucks mugs, are made from luxury porcelain. The shininess of the mug is a great eye-catcher and the material itself is highly durable whilst being lightweight.

So, if you desire a grand appeal for your brand or logo be sure to contact our sales team and find out how your promotional mugs can rival Disney and Starbucks.


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