The Roy Rogers family restaurant chain is a staple in the US, known across the country for their burgers, salads, and folksy atmosphere. In 2020 the brand has decided to join the ranks of companies like McDonald's, Dunkin', and Pizza Hut by launching a range of merchandise exclusive to their own online store. These exclusive promotional goodies are bound to catch the eyes of loyal patrons keen to grab a comfy t-shirt or accessory for themselves!

Roy Rogers Promotional Merchandise Red Shirt

Branded Apparel for Loyal Consumers

Although we don't have the Roy Rogers chain here in Australia, the brand is still well-recognised due to its heavy association with the film cowboy whose name it shares and the emphasis on a traditional country look and style to their restaurants, menus, and promotions. Roy Rogers, like many other casual dining franchises in the United States, is now hoping to combine e-commerce with a sense of nostalgia by releasing a range of exclusive logo printed t-shirts and other limited merchandise. The official online store includes;

roy rogers branded ladies tees  roy rogers promotional cornhole boards

Why This Campaign Works

It's easy to churn out merchandise quickly without giving much thought to the relevance or cohesive brand image you wish to present, but Roy Rogers has put together an assortment of clothing and novelties bound to draw the interest of their patrons. The logos used on branded shirts and sweaters are retro-styled and very "country" which fits well with their target demographic. Regular consumers will undoubtedly be keen to get their hands on the products available because they fit well with the restaurant's existing image and evoke similar feelings of comfort.

Our advice for local businesses is to draw inspiration from the brand's approach here. Their products and branding slot nicely into their existing image, thus appealing to a broad base of existing customers. If you're well known for your ultra-modern logo, don't promote your brand with a 1920's style art deco design -- and vice versa. Be confident in what you present and your clients will be keen to invest in your merchandise, whatever it is.


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