We're halfway through January and already we're seeing businesses across Australia enquiring about organising employee gifts and rewards. When you select promotional products to reward your employees with, you're boosting not just the manager-employee relationship, but the employees' perception of the brand. However, selecting gifts for your staff can be a difficult process as there's a lot of options available! That's why today on the Cubic Promote blog we're looking at our top picks for employee gifts this year.

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Promotional Products Staff Will Love

It's important when you're considering gifts for your team that you ensure firstly that the product you choose fulfils some kind of everyday need they have. For example, if you have a team of delivery drivers who dash around all day then a premium metal drink bottle may work as a gift because it gives them access to a refreshing drink while on the move. Alternatively consider what they do all day in your business and give them a reward that can help them appropriately unwind, such as personalised sports balls for staff that work cramped up at desks all day. Once you've picked the product, then all you need to do is leave it up to the Cubic Promote team to brand your logo/slogan directly onto the gift.

premium cheese board gifts premium camelbak drink bottle branded

Our Top Picks for Staff Merchandise

So what types of products do we think will be popular with those rewarding the staff? Here are some we've seen trending recently that are likely to be popular over the coming months.

  • Logo Decorated Cheese Boards: These gifts look like a million bucks but have low minimum order quantities and reasonable prices, perfect for hard-working employees that need to be recognised with a premium gift.
  • Customised Camelbak Drinkware: Camelbak is a brand synonymous with durability and style which means their bottles and mugs will be sure to impress once your logo is added!
  • Personalised Award Trophies: These classics never go out of fashion and are perfect for giving to high-achievers in team meetings or at events (fingers crossed for more of those this year).
  • Cotton Tote Bags With Printing: If you're after a cheap and cheerful gift just to hand out every so often, try these eco-friendly bags that your staff can use during the shopping trips.
  • Blunt Corporate Umbrellas: A BLUNT umbrella is built to last and presenting a customised brolly to your best performers will be appreciated during a rainy year like 2021.
  • Promotional Coffee Cups Reusable: Help your employees get the most out of their morning tea or coffee with our quality range of branded travel cups.

If you're still keen for more custom branded employee gift ideas, check out our work-from-home gift packs or reach out to the Cubic Promote team directly for information and pricing.