Neon LED signage on a cafe wall

If you're old enough, you likely remember when every shop front in Australia boasted a hand-blown glass neon sign to advertise its wares. Whether you went to the local barber or your favourite cafe, there was a traditional neon light to greet you out the front. While this style fell out of favour in the early 90s, in the 2020s, neon signs are all the rage again. Only modern promotional light-up signs are made using more efficient and intelligent technology, making now the perfect time to embrace the gorgeous retro aesthetic that custom neon LED signs have to offer.

Bride to Be Light Up Neon LED Sign

What Makes Promotional Neon LED Signage Unique?

Neon LED signs light up, meaning people can view them clearly in the dark, unlike traditional printed signage, which offers limited viewability in low light. There's also no need to worry about picking print methods or colours; we manufacture LED signs to order in custom shapes. Clients can select from a range of stock colours to create their ideal light-up sign, simplifying the creation process for all involved. Not to mention our LED neon sign range starts with a minimum order quantity of one (1) sign only, the best MOQ you'll find from a wholesale supplier!

Light Up Neon Ice Cream Sign on Black Wall

Why Choose Neon LED Light Up Signs?

LED neon signs are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to boost the visibility of their brand, name, or message. While classic glass neon signs are heavy and expensive, neon LED lights are manufactured from lightweight plastics that are cost-effective and resistant to shattering. These changes make LED lights a smart investment for any Aussie who loves the classic light-up sign look but doesn't want the cost and risk of a traditional sign. The lower costs involved in neon LED signs also mean you can use them for limited event fit-outs like weddings, award ceremonies, and night markets without having to shell out a ridiculous amount of money.

Another reason to choose neon LED light-up signs is that they're more vibrant than glass neon tubes, thus making them more visible in daylight than the old-school models and offering a boost to your brand visibility. Small, medium and large sizes are also available, so you can easily buy a sign size that suits your exhibition table or shop front.

hanging uv sign close up

Neon LED Signs From Cubic Promote

So if you like the look of vibrant lighting and you'd like your own, whether to give as a gift to a loved one or to be used as part of brand promotions, then be sure to give Cubic Promote a call today. Our new range of neon LED lights features dimmable and waterproof options ideal for any occasion, and we will make neon LED signs in virtually any shape or size you can imagine. So diversify your look and treat yourself to eye-catching neon LED signs from the Cubic Promote team today!