These days most computers and smartphones have inbuilt cameras that capture extremely high-resolution images. This has been a welcome upgrade in technology compared to the sad old add-on webcams and digital cameras from 15-20 years ago, but with this innovation comes a range of new potential threats including hacking to spy on you through your camera. So how do you protect yourself from these (seriously scary-sounding) threats? We suggest investing in a custom webcam cover for your device.

why you need promotional webcam covers

What Do Branded Webcam Covers Do?

Branded webcam covers (such as the Trendy Glide Personalised Webcam Protector) are plastic or metal slides that traditionally attach to the webcam on your laptop computer using a double-sided adhesive tab. When you aren't using the webcam, you slide the protector closed so that creeps and hackers can't spy on you through the camera.

Why Not Just Use Sticky Notes?

Some people laugh at the idea of purchasing a promotional webcam cover and suggest using adhesive tape or sticky notes instead. The problem with this method is that they can leave behind a nasty sticky residue and paper can be seen through in the right light, meaning your work isn't as protected as it should be. Hence, security experts and even famous CEOs recommend using a device specifically designed to cover your webcam as it will provide the best protection against anyone looking to spy on you.

printed metal webcam cover

Do Webcam Covers Work on Other Products?

When you think of webcam covers you tend to think of laptops, but did you know that webcam covers can offer privacy to devices like smartphones, Amazon Echos, and Google Home Hubs. If there's a compact camera on a device that you'd feel more comfortable covering, then a webcam cover is the perfect accessory.

Why Buy Promotional Webcam Covers?

Webcam covers make excellent corporate gifts and here is why!

  • Affordable; Webcam covers are a cost-effective piece of branded merchandise.
  • Compact; Webcam covers are small and easily included in gift bags or show bags.
  • Customised; We print each webcam cover with your choice of logo design.

So if you want to learn more about the benefits of webcam covers or simply want an obligation-free quote for custom merchandise, please contact our sales team today.