How to Efficiently Distribute your Custom Marketing Materials

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Planning product distribution is one of the key factors to consider when identifying promotional products. Depending on the season, location, and other factors, you will then curve out the best plan to distribute your custom gifts. However, to ease things for you and narrow the search, we have compiled some methods which can be used either in combination or alone.

Promo Gifts for Speedy Distribution

Promotional Product Distribution Strategy

Before jumping into promo products, you gotta know what you're aiming for. Are you looking to boost brand awareness, get more leads, or make your customers love you even more? Having clear goals will help you pick the right stuff and the best ways to get it out there.

  • Know your audience: You need to understand your target audience so you can choose promo items they'll actually dig. Think about things like age, interests, and background to pick products that'll hit the mark.

  • Pick the right goodies: Choose items that fit your brand vibe and have a clear message. And remember, you want practical and high-quality stuff – after all, these products represent your brand.

  • Set a budget: Figure out how much cash you can drop on promo products. Keep in mind things like production costs, shipping, and how you're gonna get them out there. A budget helps you make smarter choices when picking your swag.

  • Find a solid supplier: Team up with a trustworthy promo products supplier that's got your back. Look for one with a good range of products, customisation options, and decent prices.

  • Plan your distribution: Once you've got your products, come up with a game plan for getting them in front of your target audience. We've put together a list of te best ways to distribute your promotional products below.

Once you've covered all of the above, be sure to track the results of your distribution so you know which areas need work next time and which areas you absolutely aced first time around!

Top Promotional Product Distribution Methods

Here's a list of ways to efficiently distribute those babies and make the most of your swag:

  • Trade Shows & Events: You're gonna meet a ton of people at trade shows, expos, or even local events. This is prime time to pass out your cool promo items. Just make sure your booth is eye-catching, so everyone will want to stop by.

  • Collab with Influencers: Partner up with influencers who vibe with your brand. Send them your promo products and let their followers see your swag in action. You'll def get some attention this way!

  • Online Giveaways: Who doesn't love free stuff? Host an online giveaway on your social media platforms to get people talking. This'll get you more followers and spread the word about your brand.

  • In-Store Goodies: If you have a physical store, hook your customers up with promo products as a gift with their next purchase or a reward for shopping with you. This'll make them feel special and keep 'em coming back for more.

  • Partner with Local Businesses: Work with other local businesses to create a fun promo product swap. You both can share each other's swag with your customers and help each other grow.

  • Employee Swag: Make your team feel like part of something special with some sweet company gear. When they rock your promo products, they'll be walking advertisements for your brand.

  • Goodie Bags: Hosting an event or attending one? Put together goodie bags filled with your promo products and other fun items. People love surprises, and they'll definitely remember your brand.

  • Include with Orders: Show your customers some love by adding a promo item to their order as a bonus. They'll appreciate the extra touch and be more likely to share their experience.

  • Targeted Mailers: Send out promo products to potential customers or clients in a targeted mail campaign. Make sure the items are relevant and useful to increase the chances they'll actually use 'em.

  • Community Outreach: Get involved with your community and hand out your promo products at local events, festivals, or charity functions. Not only will you spread brand awareness, but you'll also make a positive impact.

There you have it, some great pointers to get your started with promotional gift distribution no matter your industry.

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Charles is the owner/operator of Cubic Promote. Charles has over 15 years of experience in the promotional product industry, making him an expert on not only the products in our range but also marketing strategy implementation and the industry as a whole. Visit him on LinkedIn.

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