Promotional Product Ideas for Kids

Promotional Products That Appeal to Children and the Young at Heart

A fantastic way to increase brand exposure is to provide useful, safe items with your logo decoration to kids. Items for children are more affordable and are used on a daily basis. Promotional toys can be fun to have. When you involve the whole family, it is easier for customers and staff to develop a more meaningful relationship with your company. With kiddies’ toys, there is a lot to offer. For example, instead of going with the conventional playground toy, you can select those that have an educational use. What’s more, some toys carry educational or health messages.

Promotional Product Ideas for Kids

You only need to be wary of the kind of toys you get. By all means, avoid and get rid of any toys that have;

  • Any sharp corners
  • Sharp lines on the item
  • Easily break or have smaller items/pins that can be broken and swallowed
  • Excess weight on the product
  • Contains lead and other harmful toxins
  • Items that easily contract and extract

While safety is paramount for toys, it is also important that children find them enjoyable as well! So get items that are colourful and aesthetically pleasing. Kids love to play around as it pleases them. You want to be safe, get items that can be dragged around without losing their colour. Some of our recommendations include;

  • Promotional Highlighters
  • Promotional Pencils
  • Colour Pencil Sets
  • Frisbees & Yo Yo's
  • Lollipops
  • Raincoats (ponchos)
  • Rubber Duckies
  • Slinkies (we make ours from plastic)
  • Hackey Sack balls
  • Kids Umbrellas
  • Colour in books and stickers

At the heart of these items lies functionality. Regardless of the colour and purpose of the toy, get the ones that are easy for children to interact with. All the toys we stock and sell at Cubic Promote are carefully tested to ensure they meet Australian standards. If you're ever unsure about the suitability or safety of an item you're looking at for a particular age group, let us know, and we will advise you on relevant certification and testing.

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