Buying Corporate Branded Xmas Gifts

promotional christmas gifts

Every year from around October onwards Cubic Promote produces a considerable number of corporate promotional Christmas gifts for a variety of businesses, schools, and organisations across Australia. Providing appealing gifts to clients, staff, and customers during the holiday season help boost your corporate image in addition to rewarding those who have been loyal to you throughout the year. Your recipients will truly appreciate receiving a thoughtful memento gift with a personalised message or your logo decoration on them at the end of the year.

 An Australian Christmas  Buying Personalised Christmas Gifts

Selecting Personalised Christmas Gifts

It can be difficult selecting what gifts to give your recipients over the holiday season. If you are looking simply to maximise your brand visibility over the Xmas period, then handing out budget-friendly items to large groups of recipients is a great idea. We recommend products such as promotional candy canes or seasonal fortune cookies as a cheap, smart way to get your message to the masses over the holidays.

However, if you are looking for a slightly more personal touch (such as giving to staff or clients you've dealt with successfully over the past year) it's better to aim for a more mid-range gift, that is affordable without compromising on a luxurious appearance. For situations such as these, we suggest custom branded confectionery gift boxes, personalised mugs, and premium branded pens as memorable gifts with an individual feel.

For those seeking a truly unique present for esteemed colleagues, business partners, or important contributors then you may be seeking a gift with a higher price tag and more luxurious contents. For truly special personalised Christmas gifts you can't beat customised bottled wine gift sets, authentic custom Parker pens, or a high-quality promotional leather satchel.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Promotional Xmas Products

Because the team here at Cubic Promote have been producing promotional Christmas gifts for over ten years, we've got some great advice to help your next Xmas campaign run smoothly.

  • Order Early -- While it might seem obvious, the sooner you get your order in for products, the sooner we can produce and deliver them to you. However, at Christmas time this is particularly important as there's always a rush for merchandise when December hits. Avoid the rush and start planning your order in October or November to ensure your gifts arrive with ample time for you to distribute them for the holidays.

  • If Unsure, Opt for a Higher Quantity -- There's nothing worse than running out of gifts! If you have a fluctuating number of recipients or simply want to be sure you'll have enough presents "just in case" then we recommend opting for a slightly higher quantity than you may originally anticipate. This helps avoid disappointment over the Xmas period, and any leftovers can be used for next year!

Specialised Promotional Christmas Merchandise

We have a section exclusively filled with promotional products for the holiday months. If you're looking for branded confectionery, novelties, and gifts for the season be sure to check it out below.

corporate christmas gifts

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