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Cubic Promote takes great pride in providing promotional products that are Australian-made. Every time we sell promotional products with the famous green and gold kangaroo logo, we feel a surge of satisfaction. Because the 'made in Australia' symbol represents much more than a label or labelling system to us. In this article, we'll explain why.

Promotional products with Kangaroo Symbol

Country of Origin Labelling: A National symbol

The sense of accomplishment you get from completing a do-it-yourself project and realising it is uniquely yours is priceless. This is how we Aussies feel whenever we see products with 'made in Australia' symbol. We can feel proud that these items were produced in our country and can rightfully claim them as "ours."

Moreover, knowing that we have the tools and resources to make goods from scratch shows how self-reliant our country is, especially in difficult times. The logo 'made in Australia' is more than just a place-based branding; it is also a national symbol and a source of national pride that we can show to the world.

What Is The Made in Australia symbol?

The 'made in Australia' symbol, also called the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo, is a registered certification mark showing that a product was made or grown in Australia. Five different descriptors could be placed underneath the logo, such as:

  • Australian Made = The product's last 'substantial transformation' took place in Australia.
  • Australian Grown = All of the product's essential ingredients were grown in Australia, and all or almost all of the processing was done here as well.
  • Product of Australia = Its primary ingredients are completely Australian-sourced, and the entire production or processing cycle takes place in the country.
  • Australian Seafood = It is a seafood product in which all key ingredients were produced or harvested in Australia, and all or nearly all processing occurred in that country.
  • Australian = Only export markets are eligible to utilise this descriptor, and the product involved must meet the requirements for at least one of the previously discussed claims.

You can only use the 'made in Australia' symbol on goods (products), not on services. Also, the logo's colour scheme isn't restricted to just green and gold colours. It's versatile enough to work with any colour scheme.

How To Tell If A Product Is Really 'Made In Australia'

You can't claim a product is 'Australian made' just because it's being sold inside the country. To be classified as an Australian Made product, a product must undergo its last substantial transformation in Australia. What does "substantial transformation" mean? Let's give you an example.

Some cotton cloth is brought in overseas and sold without further processing or transformation. It would be misleading to say that the fabric was made in Australia because it wasn't. On the other hand, if the imported cloth is turned into a personalised t-shirt, it can be labelled as 'Australian made.'

Furthermore, when deciding if a product is manufactured in Australia, a specific proportion of the product's ingredients or components doesn't need to be sourced from Australia. The only prerequisite is that the last substantial transformation took place in Australia. Regarding substantial transformation, packaging a product is not considered a considerable transformation.

Can Anyone Use 'Australian Made' symbol?

Nope. Before placing the 'made in Australia' logo on its products, a business must obtain a licence from Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL). AMCL will examine each product individually to verify if it complies with the logo usage guidelines before issuing a licence. The AMCL is the one that administers the logo after they entered into a legally binding agreement with the Federal Government in 2002.

Why Buy Australian-Made Promotional Products?

According to Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro, "When you buy Australian Made, Australian Grown products, you know what you are getting - products made to the highest of manufacturing standards and grown in our clean, green environment. At the same time, you are helping to support our manufacturing industry, create Aussie jobs and give back to local communities." In other words, you're not only obtaining a high-quality product, but you're also helping out our fellow Aussies at all stages of the supply chain. It's a win-win situation for all of us.

You now understand our company's desire to market bulk branded Australian-made goods. If you want to know more about our promotional products made in Australia, please email us at or call 1300 858 288.

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