2019 Is officially upon us now. With a new year, it means new we will be releasing a range of terrific new products for both daily uses, promotional use, as well as corporate gifting use. As usual, we supply promotional items with the highest quality. Speaking of logo branding, we do not merely slap on your brand name using any old machinery. Custom branding we do is done via state-of-the-art machines which we refine continually to deliver a superior retail quality type of branding that will impress.

Orange Mug, Black/Pink Bag, Pink/Blue Bag, Yellow and Blue Pens

Everyday Eco Lifestyle

Using promotional eco-friendly products is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the environment and the potential damage that can occur from using certain products. Eco-friendly products are made from materials and ingredients that are better for the environment and are considered sustainable, meaning that they are renewable and biodegradable.


These products can be found in a variety of areas and can include anything from household products such as laundry detergent to beauty products such as makeup or skincare. Using eco-friendly products can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Additionally, these products often are more natural and do not contain harmful chemicals which can be damaging to the environment. Furthermore, eco-friendly products can be more affordable than their non-eco-friendly counterparts. Ultimately, using eco-friendly products is beneficial to both the environment and your wallet.


From reusable straws to cups made from bamboo, and to bags that are no longer supplied by our Aussie supermarkets anymore, being eco-friendly is a lifestyle choice that is positive for the environment and the user's peace of mind.


This year we will be releasing a reusable custom branded Bento Style Plastic lunch Box that is reusable. I use this box every time i purchase takeaway items. The size is somewhat similar to a standard large-sized plastic container. From my estimates, I would have saved around 30 disposable boxes so far.

bento zen lpromotional unchbox

Also, we will be releasing more bags that can fold into a small pouch. The benefits of this convenient bag are evident for any grocery shopping.

promotional bag in a pouch

Our Technology Obsession

Aussies love their mobile devices. Many modern devices now accommodate wireless charging. This is why we will be releasing promotional mouse mats, as well as promotional power banks which allow for wireless charging functionality.

qi charging mousepad   qi charging powerbanks

We did not forget the simple charging cable. It is incredible, but most people I speak to seem always to lose these cables. We are releasing this option that retracts. The photo does not show the quality of this unit. It is sturdy, has a bit of weight, and the cable is a delight to use.

multi retractable promotional charging cable      

Tell us what you think via social media. Are there any promotional items that you think we should be releasing this year in 2019 that you think we missed out on?