Beer, the sustenance of Australian life, comes with a difficult choice for how to best enjoy it. Many will say that simply drinking from the can is the best way to go, but with the increase in microbreweries and custom blends of beer, pouring it into a glass first has become a more prominent practice. If this is to become common place among the pubs across Australia, we the beer drinking community are going to have to become more than novices in how to pour out the perfect beer.


This wasn’t even an issue for our previous generation. Our advertisements of a previous generation always looked at the head of a beer as a standard, not taking into consideration how much it can affect the overall quality of the beer itself. With more choice, comes an acute distinction between what we, the drinkers, like about each beer and what we dislike. Trivializing the perfect beer to snobbery lowers the chances of enjoying a brew the way the breweries intended. Here at Cubic Promote, we apply our own unique glassware to match that goal.

Zach Mack, cofounder of Alphabet City Beer Co. states plainly that “you’re not getting the full experience when you don’t pour it out” supporting his claim that “you’re not releasing a lot of the carbonation. You won’t get all the aromas out of the skinny neck of a bottle or a can.” It’s hard to disagree with him when you consider the differences of taste. “Throwing up enough head on a beer is an important part of drinking” Mack continues. We all like to think that the head on a beer is the bartenders’ way of pulling a fast one on us, but Mack agrees that “an inch of head on top of a beer is actually a huge part of the process.”


Now that you’re on board to achieve this elusive concept of the perfect beer, how do you achieve it? The glassware that is used for a beer must be freshly rinsed with water, proper temperatures, angles and the rate at which the beer is poured is important. Customising your glassware will allow you to bring a personal touch to the experience, without altering any of the goals you aspire to with the drink itself.

The Perfect Pour

Step 1 The Rinse.

This is considered the most important step of all, and it is achieved before even touching the beer. A glass that is clean can still contain dust, lingering detergents and a sheen that can alter the rate at which the beer enters the glass. Rinse with cold water and do not dry, the water will provide a lubricant to achieve a smooth flow into the glass.

Step 2 The Tilt.

Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and then pour the beer down the side of the glass. Don’t hold the beer too close, the flow of beer should be vigorous, hitting the side roughly halfway down the length of the glass.

Step 3 The Turn.

When the glass is halfway full, pivot the glass completely upright and continue pouring the beer into the middle of the glass. This is the step in creating the head of the beer, by pouring directly into the middle of the beer you’re forcing the liquid at the bottom to kick upwards. This step can be altered to the desired amount of head, but most brewers recommend 1 and 1.5 inches for most beers.

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