Atari was the brand name on everyone's lips back in the 70s and 80s. Known for the development of pioneering at-home video game consoles, Atari became Atari Games Inc. after the 1983 video game crash and began focusing on arcade games instead. These days, Atari has embraced nostalgia and you'll find Atari-branded gear all over the internet. However, this latest swag drop is something a bit different because these promotional products aren't for Atari as a gaming company, they're for Atari Hotels (yes, hotels).

atari white hoodie full print logo

Promotional Clothing for a Hotel Chain

While on the outset this seems like quite a bizarre combination, the Atari Hotels concept (in partnership with GSD Group) is actually set to be an interesting fusion of hospitality and gaming. The various hotels planned around America (including Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, etc.) are set to combine augmented reality with a relaxing environment to provide visitors with a truly unique themed experience. Right now there's nothing quite like it, but Atari has decided to start building anticipation by releasing limited capsule drops of stylish new promotional clothing for the hotel chain.

atari hotel concept

What Kind of Merchandise Does a Retro Brand Use?

Atari has been around for many years and its three-pronged "Fuji" logo design has remained fairly consistent throughout. Because the brand is older and nostalgia plays a key role in both the Atari Hotel plan and the company's general merchanding, it has stuck with some truly retro designs for the first set of branded Hotel swag in 2020. Included in the range are:

Atari Hotel's first drop is very straight-forward with logo-heavy branding on wearable, but not particularly outrageous products. If it were another company you might assume they're playing it safe, but given Atari has branched from gaming into hotels they don't seem to be averse to risks!

atari logo branded cap promo hoodies atari logo

Incorporating Merchandise into Your Marketing

Don't wait until your project is completed or your VR hotel is open, use logo branded merchandise to build hype for an upcoming release instead. Atari will be releasing several different merch drops with a variety of limited edition designs and your small business, school, or department can do something similar if you're also attempting to get people interested in a future project. Speak to the Cubic Promote team if you need some merchandising advice for your soon-to-be project and maybe 2021 will be your year!


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