Out of curiosity, the Cubic Promote office squad decided to work out the most popular products we've sold this year to customers Australia-wide. Working with the production team, we managed to figure out what promotional items Aussie really want in 2021. Learn more in our blog entry below!

backpack with vase

Top 10 Branded Merchandise in Australia

Looking over our extensive and diverse range of orders over the past 12 months, the Cubic staff have managed to come up with a fascinating top 10 list of best-selling promotional products in our range. These are the items that have received the largest number of orders over the year and we'll be honest, some are pretty surprising!

  1. Promotional Pens
  2. Customised Bags
  3. Branded Face Masks
  4. Bulk Headwear
  5. Logo Apparel
  6. Custom Drink Bottles
  7. Promotional USB Flash Drives
  8. Personalised Mugs
  9. Logo Printed Stress Balls
  10. Bulk Hand Sanitisers

While some of these products have clearly jumped up the list due to COVID-19 (face masks and hand sanitisers) a lot of classic promotional items still managed to rank quite highly. When we say you can't beat classics like bags and drink bottles, lists like this show you really can't! These days, traditional promo swag like pens and bags have eco-friendly alternative options and long-lasting reusable choices so consumers no longer have to stick with "disposable" cheapies, brands can enjoy being boosted using quality merchandise that recipients love.

popular promo bottles

Get Your Own Popular Products

If you're keen to get your organisation or event noticed, then speak with the expert team at Cubic Promote. Whether you're after best-sellers like backpacks or something more obscure like branded candles, the Cubic team can oblige. Give us a call today to discuss how creative marketing merchandise can help reignite passion for your brand at the tail end of 2021!