We've discussed Taco Bell's incredible range of promotional products here on the blog before, but they're starting 2020 off with a new range of retro-inspired casual-wear that's bound to appeal to young and old alike.

taco bell retro 80s print shirt

Why These Promotional Clothes Stand Out

Taco Bell has a lot of weird and wonderful merchandise in its online store, so what makes these new items of clothing distinct from 2019's range? The major difference with the logo printed t-shirts and custom decorated sweaters in 2020 is their retro, kitschy and overall laidback, fun feel. Nostalgia is part of every generation's consumption of popular culture, including food culture, so it is often a no-brainer to steer designs towards styles that remind people of enjoyable moments in their past.

80s white tee logo branded flashdance style promotional tip

How To Create Your Own Retro Designs

There are a few tips you can follow to accomplish similar branding success and promote your organisation using designs that feel as if they stepped out of another era. Here are some things you can look at to help find a nostalgic look for your next marketing campaign.

  • Select an era (usually a decade) and run with it. Examples would be 1920s art deco or 1950s Americana.
  • Pick common colours used during the era for your designs. In the 1980s a lot of designs included bright colours on black backgrounds, in the 60's bright colours and rainbows were the rage.
  • Use era-appropriate fonts. Simply Google for "1960s fonts" or "1980s fonts" to find some options that may suit. Be sure the fonts you select are easy-to-read so your message isn't lost.
  • If you need help, ask a professional - our graphics team can provide virtual mockups free of charge before you order your merchandise. That way you can be sure that your logo will look the part.

And that's it! Give it a go and next promotion, why not try a blast from the past like Taco Bell? These campaigns are definitely eye candy for designers and customers alike!


Details and images from here: https://tacobelltacoshop.com/store.php/products/clothing