We only recently blogged about an awesome idea for an edible promotional cup. The concept product was designed to look like a miniature espresso mug with a baked cookie exterior. An interior lining of icing sugar was to have kept the hot contents from eating through the bikkie part before you had a chance to consume it. But as we noted in that article, the original idea surfaced 12 years ago and we still haven't seen a mass produced, edible coffee cup produced.

Until now, that is.

Ultimate Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Tasty Coffee Cup

KFC in the UK have begun producing the "Scoffee" as part of their introduction of Seattle's Best Coffee brand into their restaurants. The Scoffee is, like the spec cup we blogged about previously, a biscuit cup with zero wastage. The idea is to have you sip your coffee before scoffing into the Scoffee cup. However, the Scoffee seems to have one-upped the spec idea considerably with some new additions to the cup's customisation.

Cup Branded Coffee Eat  KFC Edible Cup

The KFC cup has an interior lining of chocolate which slowly melts and softens the cup as you drink. This means the biscuit won't be hard and unpalatable by the time you start chomping it. Additionally, the exterior boasts a far more unique look. The Scoffee's exterior is encased in a thin layer of sugar that is printed with eye-catching KFC branding. Like the rest of the cup, this sugar layer is edible too. And finally, as if that weren't enough, the cups are infused with pleasing aromas including coconut, wild flowers and cut grass!

So not only do you have a coffee cup that leaves minimal environmental impact as it can be completely consumed, but you have added incentive for people to enjoy it - eyecatching (and tasty) outer prints and a pleasing aroma. All and all, we have to say that this promo item seems to have been worth the wait!!

The Cup first spotted here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/61889/kfc-brings-edible-coffee-cups-uk