Colourful Custom Tea Pots

Customised tea is a versatile and elegant choice of promotional item for any industry in 2022. Tea is a popular drink across cultures and is particularly in-demand during chilly winter days here in Australia. So why not learn more about the delicious teas we have in our range and how they might best serve your recipients!

Refreshing Promotional Tea Choices

Tea is produced from different types of herbs, leaves, or even flowers that have aromatic flavours that are released when you brew the tea in hot water. Many plant compounds also offer health benefits and most tears are rich in things like antioxidants which can help with a variety of health outcomes.  An excellent tea flavour to give out to your customers is standard black tea. You can brew it straight black with nothing but hot water or add a dash of milk (and/or sugar) to give it a more rounded flavour. Black tea is probably the first tea that springs to mind when you think "tea" and it's fantastic for the winter season. We recommend trying out black tea in individual custom tea bags for your next conference!

herbal tea in a container

Another popular option when it comes to promotional teas is green tea, which has a nutty, fresh flavour and is perfect for brewing with no additional milk or extras. Green tea is a poplar choice for those looking for a healthy way to get hydration over winter without indulging in things like lattes or hot chocolates. Green tea is popular to brew loose leaf or in bags, but we find the 20g promotional tea packs are a great choice if you're looking to bundle some tea with one of our custom tea pots in a gift pack.

Herbal and Unique Tea Blends

If you're after a herbal tea option chamomile tea, which is made from chamomile flowers, is an ideal choice to have when relaxing at home or before bed. Chamomile tea is great for helping to reduce insomnia and to help your muscles wind down after a long day (though due to allergies, we don't recommend anyone with a reaction to pollen drink chamomile tea). Peppermint tea is another herbal option that has a delicious mint flavour while being widely recognised for relieving unsettled tummies. If you're keen to advertise your brand using herbal teas you can't beat our logo branded herbal tea shots which look awesome and provide your recipients with a delicious testing quantity of loose leaf tea (very popular for birthdays, corporate retreats, and other group activities).

Do you have a target market that is avoiding caffeine? Then Rooibos tea is the go-to tea for your needs. This remarkable tea also doesn't have tannins, which can be cause bitterness in other tea blends, so this is a fantastic option if you want something a bit milder. Grab your rooibos in a tea tin with logo branding to help elevant your next care pack or employee gift.

Cup of tea on bench

Bulk Australian Tea from Cubic Promote

There you have it, a few of our favourite tea blends and packaging options from our pretty extensive range. If you'd like teas in different containers, or you'd like us to make a unique blend for you then just ask because we stock our tea locally and for herbal blends we can whip them up right here in Oz to meet your requirements. Boost brand visibility and help warm up your staff, visitors, or clients this winter with some of our top tea picks for 2022. To learn more, give the Cubic team a call today!