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Bic Mac Themed Custom Merchandise

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Official wearable merchandise by Mcdonald's is few and far between in Australia (and the world for that matter). When Mcdonald's do have custom branded themed clothing, they tend to be high in quality, creative and just downright awesome. Check out this effort by Mcdonalds, for Bic Mac Themed merchandise some time ago.

phone cases mar 2019

Collaborated Custom Merchandise

Coming up with fresh designs, motifs and imagery for merchandise for your organisation can be quite daunting. Most businesses and organisations would like to be perceived as having a little bit of creative flair, especially in communicating your business image.

So what is the easiest way to create your own set of merchandise, and have a beautiful design at the same time with minimal effort? The answer is collaboration.

coin pouch mar 2019  caps mar 2019 promotional tote bags mar 2019

Mcdonalds Japan Collaboration with Beams

This promotional effort done by Mcdonalds Japan, combined the imagery colours and motifs of Mcdonalds, with the style and design knowledge of well-known street apparel leader Beams. The result is a beautiful, high-quality set of promo merch, that looks incredible, tasty and appealing.

Mcdonalds Apparel in Japan

These designs were initially on offer originally back in 2017. It features products such as:
- Printed Tote bags
- Custom Embroidered Caps
- Mobile Phone cases
- Printed Tees
- Coin pouches

What do you think of these designs? They all feature colours, that instantly remind people of Mcdonalds. The artwork immediately reminds people of the famous Big Mac Hamburger. Rather impressive don't you think?

mcdonalds tees mar 2019

Images are first seen on the website:

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