Hands up if you are young enough, to remember the Fresh Prince from Bel Air? For those who do not recall seeing this TV show, it features a young Will Smith, in a comedy. Well Will Smith, has decided to release a range of merchandise inspired by the '80s (and late 90's if I recall correctly) for this show.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The 80s is known for its bold colours and sharp fonts. This is precisely what this range of merchandise looks like. This range features big loud prints, lots of bright, vibrant colours and fonts that immediately remind you of the 80s.

This set of merchandise, comes unique with a Halloween twist, as you all know, Halloween, is just around the corner.

Check out the Merchandise

So what is on offer? Promotional hoodies, printed tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts and singlets. The clothing is available in kids, ladies and men's options. 

sweaters fresh prince belairyellow tee shirts fresh prince b

Personally, I love the designs. It has a lovely retro look, and there are a lot of designs. Each design is further available in a range of colours including:

  • Black
  • Asphalt
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Heather Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple 
  • Orange

This gives the potential wearer a vast amount of options to choose from. All the prints, feature full colour digital prints. These are printed very well and look amazing.

So are you a fan of the TV show? If not, this merchandise will undoubtedly inspire you to watch an episode or two. Let me know what you think of this effort by Will Smith, for apparel for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air show.