30 years ago you couldn't drive far in America, or Australia for that matter, without coming across a Blockbuster Video rental store. Before the age of streaming really took hold, the only way most households could enjoy movies 6+ months after their cinema release (without breaking the bank) was to rent them from a video store. The last Blockbuster chain store in Australia only closed in 2019, but the remaining few locations in the US have been going under fairly quickly since then. Now, there's only one remaining Blockbuster Video in the world and they're using promotional products to help survive the changing media landscape of 2020.

last blockbuster branded shirt

Logo Emblazoned Video Store Swag

Bend, Oregon is hardly an internationally recognised US city (it only has a population of just over 75,000) but it has been getting a bit more attention since its local Blockbuster became the last of its kind. Run by a local family, the Bend Blockbuster rents DVDs and Blu-rays like the video stores of old, but with competition from juggernauts like Netflix, survival is becoming increasingly difficult for the business. Enter marketing merchandise featuring the classic Blockbuster logo branding. Interest in retro branding has never been higher and the shop is capitalising on this by selling logo branded clothing and accessories both online and in-store.

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Retro Products With Unique Branding

So what kind of products make the cut at the last Blockbuster store? It turns out a lot of traditional items for the promotions industry, which makes sense when you're looking at a range that seeks to tap into your nostalgia. Products include:

The range of merch covers both the standard Blockbuster logo and one that proudly proclaims the Bend, Oregon store as "The last Blockbuster on the planet." This allows customers to grab a piece of standard swag or one that underscores the uniqueness of this store. Overall, we think this is a pretty innovative way to make use of a brand that people are nostalgic for while still providing the regular services that renters know and love.

promotional blockbuster magnet promotional blockbuster trucker cap

Making Retro Swag Work For You

Most businesses can't claim the unique situation that the Bend, Oregon Blockbuster store is in but that doesn't mean inspiration can't be found in their merchandise range. If your business is struggling, investing in branded merchandise may assist in gaining further recognition -- particularly if you can offer an innovative slogan or nostalgic design.

If you are looking to tap into the retro market or just want to get your small business noticed, please speak with the Cubic Promote team. We can offer tailored prices for items, free virtual mockups, and product samples.


Images and info from https://bendblockbuster.com/