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Seinfeld Promotional Products

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Could the TV show Seinfeld be the iconic sitcom ever created? Who would have thought the show that famously declared itself as "the show about nothing," has had such a long-lasting appeal to old and new fans alike. To celebrate the 30 years of Seinfeld, a range of unique promotional merchandise has been released by Sony Pictures Television. It was 30 years ago in July when the first episode aired in America. The show has been equally as successful in Australia.


Something Unique and Extravagant

The character Seinfeld had a few well-known preferences, and one of them is that Seinfeld is a big fan of the baseball team New York Mets. To celebrate, a unique Jerry Seinfeld bobblehead, as well as Seinfeld baseball cards, will be handed out at one of the New York Mets home games.

To add atmosphere to the occasion, other than the merchandise being handed out, Jerry Seinfeld will be throwing the first pitch. While the popular character "Soup Nazi" will be on hand to take photographs with fans.

Merchandise, that fits seamlessly into an event, with performances and appearances, really do add to the atmosphere.

Another baseball team to have also jumped onto the Seinfeld bandwagon is the Mets baseball team.

The baseball team created a beautiful full colour printed baseball, complete with the shows logo as well as images and motifs associated with the show.

Other Notable Seinfeld Merchandise

These two baseball teams are not the first to use merchandise to promote their events as well as this iconic show. Check out some of the other merchandise that has been used in the past.

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