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Stanger Things Promotional Merchandise

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The next season for the hit Netflix show is almost upon us. Like all successful TV shows and movies, there is no shortage of businesses wanting to align themsleves to create marketing Buzz. Personally, I love this TV show. It is easily my favourite at the moment. Check out the types of merchandising created for Stranger Things 3.

burger king upside down burger

More than Just Merchandise

The burger restaurant, Burger King, has aligned itself with the TV show Stranger Things. On offer is not just merchandise, but a satisfying "Upside Down" Whopper burger. The branding of this Whopper burger is also done incorrectly in line with the theme from the TV show.

Another company getting in on the act is Baskin Robbins, the Ice Cream brand. They are releasing an exclusive Stranger Things flavour.

More Traditional Marketing Merchandise

Other than merely food, burger king, has also launched a range of different merchandise and apparel for fans. Starting with a Paper Hat, that looks like a crown, the list of merchandise available include:

- Stranger Things printed tee shirts
- Custom Pins
- Special packaging for its new range of burgers and fries and ketchup.

Other Companies Collaborating

Other companies that will be collaborating with Stranger things, to create unique merchandise include:

Nike (who will design custom sneakers of course)

H&M (creating a retro range of apparel styled around Billy, a character on the show). Apparel such as Flipflops, shirts and jeans.

Also on offer for fans, is a unique video game, on both Nintendo Switch, as well as a mobile Game APp.

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