With services like Spotify and Apple Music operating on affordable subscription models, fewer fans than ever are buying full albums by individual musicians. One way around this is to utilise custom marketing merchandise in your album launch because fans still love to buy custom branded gear. Lady Gaga, who is releasing her sixth album, has embraced this method exactly and now she's selling combo packs featuring branded swag alongside her record.

lady gaga printed merch tshirts

Promoting Your Brand With Custom Products

Lady Gaga knows her little monsters love branded merchandise so it makes sense that with waning record sales for artists of all genres, she has decided to pair up her latest album with a piece of merchandise to help move records across the line. What kind of merchandise can fans expect with the launch of "Chromatica"? It turns out that Gaga has a lot of promotional product staples in her album combo packs including:

  • Logo Branded Fashion Socks
  • Personalised Enamel Mugs
  • Eco Cotton Tote Bags
  • Logo Printed T-Shirts
  • Vibrant Custom Hoodies
  • Promotional Bandanas
  • Compact Metal Keyrings
  • and more!

lady gaga tote bags custom printed lady gaga logo branded enamel mugs

Unleash Your Inner Gaga

As I mentioned above, most of the items in Lady Gaga's new range are actually very common in the promotional product industry. Enamel mugs, tote bags, hoodies; these are our bread and butter. What makes Gaga's range different is that she's taken the savvy step of combining the merchandise with a product that may not have otherwise have sold that well (in this case, her album -- which people are far more likely to steam for decreased profits).

Why Use Limited Edition Merchandise

If you wanna get people hyped about your brand, creating limited edition merchandise is a great way to do it. Putting out an exclusive product shows your fans that you appreciate and value them, which builds loyalty and makes them more likely to be into what you're selling. Your fans will love owning something that's dope because it's one-of-a-kind and not easy to find anywhere else. That kind of exclusivity makes people feel special and connected

And they'll definitely show off their new merch on Insta or Facebook, which means more exposure for your brand without having to spend mad cash on ads. If that wasn't enough, exclusive merch can also help boost your revenue because fans are willing to pay extra for something special. Overall, limited edition merchandise is the perfect marketing tool - it lets you show off how creative you are while generating hype among fans so they'll be more likely to buy!

Promotional Swag the Lady Gaga Way

If you want to move old stock or new stock that may be at a disadvantage, then you need to find some inspiration in Lady Gaga's move for "Chromatica" -- pair the limited edition, desirable merchandise with another item to help move them both. Given the number of product combos that are already sold out on the artist's website, it seems like this method is working well for Gaga!

If you want to know how to best utilise branded merchandise to get your range noticed then you should speak with the sales team at Cubic Promote. Our sales staff can help you with product information, marketing ideas, and product pricing. What are you waiting for? Get moving to get your brand noticed!


Product details and images from here: https://shop.ladygaga.com/