Women are more superficial than men- are they? From Hollywood to across the road, women care about appearance way much more than men. In shopping centres or on streets, the number of shops selling products specially for women are more than the ones for men, not to mention other services such as facial, manicuring, tanning, hair extension, wax, plastic surgery that enhance beauty. I'm sure hormone plays some sort of role in this matter, but is this purely because of women's nature? Is the existence of these shops and services really demand-driven?

Negative. I also blame the society who has nurtured women with this nature. Here's one very common phenomenon that explains:

In the article 'The best ice-breakers for girls' published on today's Daily Life under The Sydney Morning Herald website author K. Edwards talks about what she's experienced in a shopping centre where she brings her daughter for a photo shooting with the Santa. This year what she wants for Christmas is for people to stop objectifying her daughter. Why? Because the Santa remarked on every item of clothing her daughter was wearing on that day- including the socks. 'Family, friends, shop assistants, complete strangers and even Santa, only remarks on how girls look, rather than what they think and do, how can we expect girls to believe that they have anything more to offer to the world than their beauty?' (first reported on http://www.dailylife.com.au.

Arguably people like to comment on girls' beauty and appearance. I'm sure most girls hear 'how pretty your dress is!', or 'you have the most amazing eyelashes!', or 'I love your hair style' every time people engage in conversation with them. I understand the intention is good, nevertheless we should learn more ways to build rapport with girls. When a four-year-old boy walked in the Santa house, Edwards didn't see the Santa focusing on the boy's wearing to break the ice but he talked about the reindeer! In fact, girls love the Santa's entire pack also!

I guess I shouldn't blame anyone about the issue. The focus on girls' beauty and appearance have been deeply rooted in cultures and we may not even know what else to say to them. According to Edwards which I believe makes a lot sense: "Despite our best intentions, we have no frame of reference to engage with girls on any level other than the superficial."

Well, maybe I should stop murmuring as even the products we sell- Promotional Personal Items- are mostly for women!