Shake Shack is an international success story about a humble roadside hotdog/shake/burger cart in the US that became so popular it was turned into a permanent restaurant and soon after, a franchise in dozens of countries.


Known for their burgers and (of course) shakes, the brand might not be here in Australia yet but it is doing well in Japan, China, and the UK. Unsurprisingly, they're also well regarded for their range of promotional merchandise and swag, which is what we're checking out today.

shake shack logo branded tees

Promotional Swag for Fast Food Fans

It seems nowadays a big part of the restaurant industry is having a marketable brand that gels well with custom merchandise. As we've seen during the COVID-19 outbreak, sometimes it is that merchandise and lasting brand appeal that can make a difference when dining out isn't an option.


Shake Shack, like McDonald's or KFC, has established itself as a savvy organisation that knows how to sell swag that will appeal to its diners. Like a lot of other brands, it only sells a small range of products, but it is the design innovation and the universal appeal of the items they do sell that gets them over the line. Sometimes it isn't about having a completely unique object, but making a standard item like a t-shirt seem fresh and completely "you" so that your clients will want to be a part of your image.

shake shack branded trucker cap printed shake shack eco totes

Logo Printed Products That Sell

The range of items available featuring the Shake Shack brand include:

  • Logo Printed T-Shirts: Classic cotton tees with a loose-fitting cut, what makes these Shake Shack shirts stand out is how many innovative limited edition designs from local artists they employ. It also helps that the 1-colour burger logo made famous by the brand looks fantastic on almost any possible tee colour combo!
  • Promotional Headwear: Lightweight headwear perfect for the summer months, trucker caps are affordable and can look great with either printing or embroidery on the front. The Shake Shack version makes use of its minimalist logo to achieve a very appealing streetwear look.
  • Eco Tote Bags With Custom Printing: The perfect everyday accessory, calico tote bags are manufactured from natural material and have a stylish, rustic look. Pop your logo on the side like Shake Shack and you have a great value promotional gift for just about anyone.
  • Promotional Everyday Socks: A limited-edition product for Pride month, Shake Shack's take on branded socks look amazing and a similar look can be achieved by any brand keen on making a statement on unique wearable products.
  • Custom Shaped Dog Toys: Perhaps the kookiest products in the Shake Shack range, these limited-edition plush toys designed just for dogs look like real foods from the restaurant's range. While unlikely to be a consistent big-seller for the brand, sometimes peppering your range with eye-catching oddities can give your merch sales a good boost!

custom shake shack socks pride custom plush toys shake shack

Finding Your Own Promotional Path

Shake Shack has clearly embraced a certain image that works with its clientele, but other industries will find different products may work for them. Our advice is to do some market research or have a chat with our friendly sales team to find out more about the hot products in your field and what kind of branding techniques will help your label stand out.


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