You don't tend to think of a rapper's branded merchandise and immediately think "fast food collaboration", but the latest gear from Travis Scott is a game-changing combo of streetwear sensibilities and modern restaurant marketing. Today we're checking out the unique promotional products that make up this quirky collab from Maccas and Scott.

maccas branded sweater travis scott

Promotional Streetwear Collaboration

Travis Scott pairing with McDonald's for branded merchandise might seem a bit odd to us, but his relationship with the fast-food giant was solidified recently with limited edition "Travis Scott Meals" being sold in the US (the first food tie-in with a celebrity since Michael Jordan in the 90s). The new swag collab builds on this commercial relationship by pairing Scott's "Cactus Jack" moniker with clothing and some other fun items featuring variants on McDonald's branding. The range is bold and fun, capitalising on Scott's popularity with a young demographic. If you're a fan of collaborations you'll definitely get some inspiration from this unique crossover of commercial interests.

scott maccas cloth mat scott maccas branded pillow

Available Branded Merchandise

So what does the McDonald's x Travis Scott swag range consist of? Well, a variety of trendy gear including:

Each item seamlessly blends Scott's aesthetic with McDonald's branding to create an eye-catching assortment of branded swag.

cactus jack branded tee cactus jack branded pants

Promoting Your Brand Through Collaboration

If your restaurant or other business is looking to get noticed then a brand collaboration with another local retailer or identity might help your cause. Cubic Promote produces a lot of promotional gifts for branded collabs so our friendly team is always here to provide advice and information on options for Aussie businesses that want to get noticed, together.


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