We've put together case studies on Taco Bell branded merchandise before and we're happy to report that the company continues to be at the top of its swag game, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taco Bell's laid back, casual merchandise has become a surprise hit during this difficult time with consumers finding the brand's relaxed approach to apparel and accessories is just what they need while the world is under pressure.

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Comfy Branded Gear for Fast Food Fans

What sets apart Taco Bell's promotional merchandise right now is a combination of the following:

  • Useful, comfortable products
  • Vibrant, unique branding
  • Trending items

And if you're hoping to emulate even a fraction of the brand's current marketing swag success with your own organisation, you'll have to aim for all three. Consumers right now want products they can use, products that make them feel comfortable and safe while still looking unique and eye-catching. Taco Bell's range features several items that we think best represent what brand fans are seeking at the current time.

taco bell branded retro socks 

Successful Custom Merchandise

Popular branded swag in the online Taco Bell store right now includes:

What connects all of these items is that they're simple, reliable products that can be used in the home and the wearable items are casual and relaxed. All of this plays into where people's heads are right now, particularly in America, during the Coronavirus outbreak. Sometimes simple is best and when you can enjoy the basics at home, what more could you possibly want?

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Why Fast Food Merchandise is So Popular

People appreciate promotional products featuring fast food or restaurant logo branding because they can put them to good use. Whether it's a free lunch bag with a local eatery logo, reusable cup from the coffee shop down the road, or even a key ring from their favourite pizza joint, people love being able to take something home that reminds them of somewhere they already enjoy going. Promotional products are also popular because they make unique mementos that capture special memories, like when you and your mates celebrate with burgers after exams, or when you and the kids visit your favourite restaurant chain for a birthday dinner. Plus, who doesn't want free stuff? So next time you need to give away something special at an event or reward customers for their loyalty; look no further than branded fast food items!

taco bell brande denim caps logo taco bell logo branded hoodies

If you're hoping to return to your brand to the public consciousness as Australia relaxes its lockdown laws, then choosing the basics might just work for you. Ask the friendly Cubic Promote team for more information about trending items, branding options, and affordable solutions for your marketing merchandise as the nation returns to work!


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