We've discussed the featured merchandise over on the US Krispy Kreme webstore on Cubic before, but today we thought we'd check out what makes their range of "Classic" promotional swag so, well, classic. It turns out that not only can the donut cafe chain sell inspired limited edition products, their traditional gear is also highly inspirational.

krispy kreme branded mug

Customised Products from a Popular Cafe Chain

Krispy Kreme has a wide range of promotional merchandise items to give away and boost publicity. Items include branded t-shirts, hats, mugs, pens, magnets and more! Perfect for both clients and customers, they come with the company's logo emblazoned across them to create an even greater awareness of your brand.


The Krispy Kreme Classic Collection forms the core of the popular franchise's US web store and its name stems from the "classic" Krispy Kreme logo branded on each of them (though the products featured are also what we'd consider pretty classic promotional items too). While some businesses like to have a constantly rotating collection of merchandise, many larger brands tend to keep a standard range in stock and then rotate a couple of specials every so often (we see this with McDonald's and Starbucks in the US, for example).


These "always available" items might not be as glitzy as some of the limited edition goodies, but they offer the simplicity and nostalgic vibes that a lot of consumers appreciate when it comes to repping their favourite brand and that's why this collection is so nice.

logo printed krispy kreme red tee custom krispy kreme shopping bag

What Makes Classic Promotional Swag?

So what exactly constitutes classic swag? Based on the Krispy Kreme collection simple, older-style logo branding and iconic colours on functional every day items. While Krispy Kreme has a few logo version to choose from, if you're a small business looking to release some timeless retro swag then you can always do an alternate version of your design in a 50's style diner font (as we see in the Krispy Kreme collection) to evoke that nostalgic appearance.


It's important that your logo is easy to read, clearly uses brand colours, and can be instantly attributed to what you do. That's why classic products stay in style, after all. Some of the choice product ideas in the Krispy Kreme range include:

  • Logo Printed T-Shirts
  • Custom Shopping Bags
  • Promotional Snapback Caps
  • Classic Logo Notebooks
  • Logo Emblazoned Metal Bottles
  • Reusable Custom Coffee Cups
  • and more!

While we haven't helped with promo products for Krispy Kreme, we are Australia's choice when it comes to quality promotional gifts. Give the Cubic Promote team a call today if you're feeling inspired from this blog entry and want to learn more about making your own affordable custom branded merchandise.