Custom candles are a gift that is steadily growing in popularity for marketing campaigns and events. Available in a variety of colours and aromas, customised candles are even starting to make an impact in the corporate world as personalised items ideal for company events, office celebrations, and just general "feel-good" gifts. Takeaway giant KFC has taken this new interest in candles to a different level, however, and you're going to want to see their unique take on the modern promotional candle.


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A Crazy Custom Candle for Chicken Fans

KFC is known for its cutting-edge takes on promotional products, and its latest promotional candles giveaway is no exception. Available as a prize for 250 entrants into a UK online competition (drawn at random) KFC's Promotional Gravy Scented Candle is exactly what you'd expect; it looks and smells like KFC's famous gravy sauce!


KFCs unique promotional gravy candles are unequivocally the most inventive idea in recent memory. Taking something as seemingly mundane as gravy and transforming it into an attractive scented candle strikes a chord with many entrenched KFC fans who eat there on a regular basis. The more unusual aspect of this promotion is its ability to both fulfill an emotional want, while also remaining completely practical.

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Because this customised candle is a limited edition item, FOMO has driven people across the UK to enter the draw to win their very own. Like in their previous marketing campaigns with strange promotional goods, KFC is breaking the mould yet again here by taking a simple promo item and making it totally their own. If you have an upcoming marketing event or expo, take an example from KFC's quirky chicken gravy candle and think outside the box with your next custom item!


Gravy lovers across the world have reacted optimistically to these unique promo items. Not just due to its remarkable scent combinations which some say actually proves that they are truly capable of producing anything but because people can feel the nostalgia the smell brings from each time someone visits their nearest KFC. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these promotional coolers provide a great accent for kitchens or serving tables and elicit perspective about conscientiousness when eating at KFC chains around the country; letting customers know that each individual component behind every delicious meal matters.


KFC did not just stop at selling these one hundred limited edition products but went further than most companies typically do with promotions like this; each candle comes with a certificate to get an order of Original Recipe Chicken which helps keep people coming back for more after experiencing the delicious aroma of slow cooked gravy inside these special keepsakes even outside of KFC's usual menu offerings! By creating a novelty product like this, the fast food chain has differentiated itself from its rivals and shown how creative it can be when it comes to promotions.


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