Does the brand Kikkoman ring any bells? It may sound familiar to many people; for others, this brand name is an institution and a King in the kitchen. Kikkoman makes soy sauce. The biggest brand in soy sauce may belong to Kikkoman. Here is a range of merchandise that they produced in collaboration with a skateboarding brand.

Skate Board and Soy Sauce

What does soy sauce and Skateboarders have in common? Not much, but Skateboarders have to eat too, and there will be a lot of young soy sauce customers.

So with that in mind, the collaboration between a soy sauce company and a skateboard company may not be that far fetched.

Type of Merchandise on Offer

The kind of merchandise on offer from this unlikely collaboration include:

- Hoodies
- Tee Shirts
- Snapback caps
- Anorak
- a custom skateboard

All the promotional products feature the unmistakable soy sauce bottle which Kikkoman is famous for. (this bottle is so iconic that it is as renowned as the Coca-cola bottle) Some cool fonts and graphics that are associated with the Kikkoman brand name are also included.

The custom skateboard is the one that took my attention. It is shaped exactly like a soy sauce bottle. The top surface of the skateboard is rather incredible in fact.

My Thoughts

This joint merchandise effort is quite incredible. It makes a traditional brand, hip modern and appealing to a new young demographic. The theme for this idea was to encourage open-mindedness, and the need to travel to locations to try different types of cuisines (different cuisines for soysauce I can imagine.)

Images are first seen on the website: