This time last year we checked out some impressive promotional products from Arizona Iced Tea. The brand, which you can spot as an import in convenience stores and major supermarkets across Australia, has continued introducing colourful merchandise to its online store so we figured we'd look at more highlights from their range a year on!

promotional arizona branded tank top

Logo Decorated Retro Merchandise

The Arizona Iced Tea brand has continued to embrace its vibrant, 80s/90s look despite COVID-19 putting a dampener on the mood in the United States during 2020. Part of what we love about the branded merchandise they sell is that it embraces the kitschy look that has always helped its bottle stand out, rather than trying to look more "modern" or "sophisticated." Arizona Iced Tea is all about having fun and enjoying a refreshing, alcohol-free beverage with friends (preferably at the beach). So what items help the range stand out a year on from our last post?

printed iced tea notebooks logo branded beach ball iced tea logo

Great Promo Product Ideas for 2021

New products in the Arizona Iced Tea range since our last visit include

Obviously the masks have been added in response to the pandemic, but the other items are a general expansion of the brand's focus on summertime fun accessories. If you'd like to embrace summer like Arizona, then speak to the Cubic Promote team for product pricing and recommendations today.


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