Watches of all shapes and sizes from magnificent Swiss Time Pieces through to Promotional Watches branded with corporate logo's feature a rotating Bezel. The most classiest (and sometimes the most expensive watches) feature a rotating bezel around the watch face. Many people though do not know what the bezel is for, much less how to use it.

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How To Read Dive Watch Bezels

On both mens and womens watches the most common type of Bezels are ones that are dedicated to being dive watches. The bezel has markers that indicate from 0 through to sixty. Each one of these markers indicates each minute.

The purpose of these markers is to keep track of the time when a diver goes underwater. Obviously when underwater this small matter of time makes a difference especially when you have a finite tank of air in which to keep you alive. So how does it work? Well the first one minute markers represent 15 minutes (sometimes 20 minutes). After the first marker the remaining markers are scaled in increments of 5 minutes.

The first 15 minutes allows divers to keep track of decompression stops when going back up to the surface to return to land.

To use your diving watch simply

1) Set The Zero Marker Opposite the Minute Hand

2) Read how many minutes have passed simply by reading the minute hand relative to the bezel the advantage is that now you do not need to do calculations in your head to save you time (and in the case of an underwater environment it would be a lot harder for you to think as well).

So it is all quite simple right! :) (by the way the image is a picture of the Breitling SuperOcean 42 which is my current dream watch. At the time of writing I am still about several thousand dollars off from being able to afford one!)

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