A bucket of fried chicken. For many people, that is a dream come true.  For this reason, KFC marketing has often evolved around the concept of a bucket. This year, though, they have taken it one step further with the introduction of a bucket of chicken within a bucket hat.

kfc bucket hats blog july 2019

The Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat, known for its good looks and well, looking like an upside-down bucket, has always been a favourite headwear amongst Aussies. It is casual and simply effective in protecting us from the harsh Australian sun. This hat is thus the perfect marketing promotional item to market the KFC chicken buckets.

I came across this fantastic marketing effort which originated from Russia. (of all places). A marketing company called Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Mam Cupy (unusual business name).

This particular promotional bucket hat is sold separately as a tip-on item upon any purchase of a KFC meal. So despite what the marketing may say, and look, you would be better off, eating the chicken off a regular paper box instead of using the hat. If you use the hat, then it would mean a lot of cleaning up would need to be done.

kfc bucket hats B july 2019

Where to get this bucket hat

Here is the sad part. Once again, here in Australia, we have missed out on another fantastic piece of marketing. You see this item is not available in Australia. It is not available anywhere except for Russia. Like all things in the world though, I am sure this can be purchased from websites such as eBay.

A Marketing Item that Gets People Talking

What I do love to about this marketing item is that it gets people talking. A bucket of chicken served in a bucket hat, is undoubtedly a tantalizing thought. Let me know on social media, what you think of this marketing strategy.